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what is it?




what does it do? how do u get it? im asking because i recently had knee surgey, microfracture/meniscus repair


Morehouse School of Medicine (www.msm.edu). The Morehouse School of Medicine is a historically black institution established to recruit and train minority and other students as physicians, biomedical scientists, and public healthcare professionals committed to the primary healthcare needs of the underserved. (from http://www.msm.edu/aboutmsm/index.htm )


you can get it at you grocery store/pharmacy. ive been taking it and going to add glucosamine/chondroiton. hasnt been that long so i cant say if its good or not. there's another thread about it though where someoen talked about results.


It should be available next to the glucosamine/chondroitin supplements. It has been shown to help joints and connective tissue. As with all of these joint supplements, I would try one at a time for about six months, then go off of it. If you notice a difference in pain in any of your joints, the supplement may have been helping.

Or you can do all supplements at once (glucosamine/chondroitin, SAM-e, MSM). Do them for like six months. Then stop doing only one of them. Use a process of elimination to see which ones work best for you.


cheapest msm:


Thanks TT.


goto GNC and pick up triflex its glucosamine chondrotin and msm