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Being a runner with achy knees, I was browsing for a new batch of G/CH and came across a compound that included MSM (the split was 1500/1200/500mg, respectively). A search of T-mag’s articles yielded little in the way of joint-recovery. Anyone know anything about it or have any experience with it?

Silly me. I should have checked the forums as well, as a minute after I posted this I stumbled across Tampa-Terry’s commentary on the benefits of MSM. My apologies.

Do a search of recent threads by just scrolling down. Much has been said recently about MSM. If you can’t find the thread, do a search for Tampa-Terry’s posts and you’ll get all you need.

Scattershot, the whole glucosamine, chondroitin thing is very interesting.

Quality/purity and molecular weight are both key factors in getting a good result, and both vary from product to product. Even worse, the University of MD found that 84% of the products did not meet label claims. The gold standard for glucosamine is Cosamin, as it’s been used in numerous clinical trials.

For quite a while, I’ve dismissed chondroitin sulfate because the molecule was so large it couldn’t be assimilated and utilized for its intended purpose. But I’ve had to change my mind. In a study published in JAMA, low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate out-performed glucosamine. The key being the fact that it was a low molecular weight version.

MSM is an excellent addition to a QUALITY, low-molecular weight glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate combo. But go for the quality. Your knees will thank you!

TT what dose/day do you use with each?

Is there a good low mw brand for the chondroiton? how about a brand of msm?


What’s your opinion of USANA’s Procosa. I recently started taking it for “achy” knees. I’ve heard USANA is a top quality brand. Do agree?