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Does anyone out there have a opinion on whether or not MSM is worth taking? Several websites tout it as a godsend for joint trouble.

It has a lot of evidence behind it but in the real world it seems to work well for only about 1/2 the people who use it. Interestingly those people really seem to get great noticeable benefits from it. Another interesting thing is it seems to work very effectively on pets helping with arthritis, mobility etc.

MSM is a godsend for lots of people. Wife and I have been in some serious auto accidents - the last bad one she broke her neck in two places. Combine that with myfacial and joint pain and that gives you an idea of what she endures day to day. MSM has really helped her! After all this she leads a pretty normal life. She uses MSM daily as well as Arthred-G, a glucosamine + chondroitin blend. She notes that not all MSM’s are the same, you get what you pay for. Try various brands. I can’t recall what her prefered brand is off hand. It works for her and many of our friend who she’s recomended it to. Me? Arthred -G helps but I don’t notice a difference with MSM.

Kelly is right. It doesn’t work for everyone. I use it all the time because it has helped me with my knees and a lingering shoulder problem. What most people fail to do is take it properly. Go to some websites that you trust and look at the recommendation for usage.

Here’s the deal. If you have an ailment, allergy or painful joints, you must first start with a very low dose - maybe one quarter teaspoon a day. After a couple of weeks, gradually increase your daily dose until you have some improvement. You may have to use up to ten tesapoons a day spread throughout the day before you notice results. After you get the effect you want you can then continue to take about one-half to one teaspoon a day.

Don’t start with a mega dose. It may cause discomfort. I don’t know from personal experience about this aspect, but supposedly, you might get headaches, stomach upset and other symptoms if you start out at high dosages. This is because the MSM is supposed to detoxify your system and if done too quickly, you will feel bad for several days.

Read up on it and make your decision. Hope this helps.


Kelly is right in the money. I’ve rec it to alot of friends and assoc, some swear by it, others dont. Perhaps it gets metabolised differently in some individuals. I and my dad have both had excellent results, ranging from knee and shoulder pain, to allergies. My dad has 0 cartilage in either knees due to college football and 60’s dark-age sports medicine, until he gets knee rplcmnt, I put him on chondroiten and msm, and he has a vastly improved condition in regards to pain and range of motion. Find a good brand and go for it.

If you’re going to use MSM, look for a brand that uses the “Lignisul” (sp?) form…kind of like the creatine that uses “Creapure” from SKW. Going off of memory, GNC’s house brand uses it, Enzymatic Therapy, TriMedica and Natural Balance/Pep has a powder that is significantly more cost-effective than the caps.