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MSM Journalism, Now We Have Proof They Lie All the Time!

Well, I watched the movie and I don’t recommend that anyone watch it.

The intent isn’t to promote child porn nor anything about sexualizing children nor appealing to pedos and whatever the media or youtube bum wants to pull out of their asses for clickbait.

BUT making real life child actors act out certain objectionable scenes in the movie is exploitation regardless of intent. It’s not something I can condone.

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And I’m not saying that I’m pro movie censorship or anything like that. I’ve watched, and enjoyed the shittiest of exploitation movies that I’m very sure that most of you have never even heard of but they do not involve children under the age of consent.

And one more thing.

Film critics have no fucking balls. This movie IS a critique on conservative Islamic culture from certain parts of the world. NO ONE mentioned it. NONE.

How else would you get a nice register of folks who are down with such things?

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I get the point some of them are trying to make about “separating real life from reel life” but it’s still bullshit IMO.

I’ll put it this way. If this had been an animated movie with the exact same plot involving characters of the same age, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

That’s fine with me. People can continue to believe that “freedom” to do WTF they want, including producing utterly poisonous “art” and “entertainment”, and that “freedom” is the utmost component in a serious society when it is clear as day that if people don’t use freedom responsibly It will have us to degenerate into A bunch mentally crippled bums and moral basketcases. People can’t seem to grasp the concept that their individualism needs to be stifled in some ways and for them to be pushed around a bit because the human race as a whole is more important than each and every one of their hedonistic or selfish desires.

I’ve gotten criticism on here for condemning the seemingly eternal sexual revolution that gained steam in the 60s and is at full throttle now and my suggestion for some sexual restraint in this world. People thought and still think it was and is a bunch of fun and games. It turns out it wasn’t.

Guys thought: “Wow, this is awesome. Regular Joe Blow like me, now even I too can have a harem. Marriage really is for chumps and squares.”

Women thought: “Wow, this is awesome. Regular Plain Jane, the girl next door, now I too can have a tall, strapping millionaire from a powerful family.”

Well it didn’t turn out like that and the revolutionaries expect a whole lot more than the above, as we’re seeing here. Not to mention the enormous damage that has occurred from some revolutionary happenings.

I too am guilty considering I watched smut and went through a promiscuous phase in the past though it was relatively short lived.


I haven’t seen it and I don’t plan on it, so my comments early in the thread were based on reading that the film is more of an indictment of girls doing that sort of thing. I’m willing to concede that I’m wrong on that and since I’m not going to watch it.

Let’s just say for arguments sake that the filmmakers intent was to sexualize young girls. That’s bad, and I don’t approve at all. The reason why it doesn’t make much of a blip on my radar overall is that even if the former is true, that one movie is a grain of sand in a vast desert of shit going on that we’ve got to steer our daughters through.

As I’ve said, I’ve got a daughter who’s 10 years old. Our brush with her wanting to be in a dance troupe was brief, we said no, and she didn’t push it. However, the day to day stuff with monitoring what she watches on tv, youtube, the rest of the internet, the music she listens to, etc. is an everyday thing. I’m not trying to be preachy at all and I don’t think we’re overly strict, but we do control it as much as we can. So this one film just doesn’t mean that much I don’t think because even if Netflix cancels it, the minefield of overtly sexual messages in our culture is neck deep.

I’m also not pining away for the “good ole’ days”. We’ve got access to so much more information these days so much more easily than the past and there’s some good in that. This very site is an example.


You were not wrong. That was the intent of the film. I’ve stated why I have a problem with it above.

It really wasn’t. The media, regardless of which side they lean, is full of shit.

100 points at least! ‘WW2 in colour’ is my jam! JK, watch whatever you want, except ‘Cuties’ cause it’s child porn. Not that you need me to tell you that…

It just means you guys are married… I seriously doubt you’d turn it on, on your own… Well maybe, what the hell do I know.
Yeah, I am tired of shootem’ up, gore, thriller violence, the one hero without a shirt one getting missed my guys in tactical gear with long rifles and machine gun, but he manages to get them all with a hand gun, kinda movie. Or the new SJW class, like Birds of Prey. That was gayer than any Hallmark movie.

Well, I do have a daughter and I have had the misfortune of seeing ‘Dance Moms’ which is a horrific display of human indecency and pettiness along with exploitation of children.
But even as horrid as ‘Dance moms’ is, it never rose, or should I say lowered, to that level.
There is brief nudity of young girls in ‘Cuties’, and there is booty dancing and then there is mimicking sexual acts to a beat in really skimpy tight shit that shows way to much. I don’t want to see little girls in their underwear mimicking sexual acts. Then presenting the movie as being against this stuff.
They literally exploited and choreographed these acts with little kids. Again, if they used older people, who looked young (I have seen 20 yr old’s who looked 11) to display the issue, I wouldn’t have a problem. If they alluded to the dancing but didn’t show it, or even if they showed like a chilled out version, indicating that they are engaged in mimicking sexual acts, you know the way “Law and Order” used to display a strip club with out showing stripping, I wouldn’t have a problem.
But they exploited these little girls, made them practice and do these moves where they are banging their “junk” on the ground over and over is over the top.
I have seen snippets and I had to turn away. And I am no ‘holier than thou’ kinda guy. People have a problem with ‘WAP’, I don’t, Cardi B or what ever her name is, is a grown woman and can do whatever she wants. And if people want to celebrate her vagina, I don’t care.

As far as Cruz, Cotton and Booker, I don’t think you can fake outrage unless your a friend of Jeffery Epstein. And even if they are, but are calling for the arrest of the people involved with the movie and the handling of these girls, I am a-ok. As far as I am concerned these people sexually exploited little kids and they should go to prison. At least stand trial so we know publicly what happened here, so it never happens again.

At least this…

Nor am I. I am against the exploitation of children, “art” doesn’t get a pass here.

There are better ways of doing that where you don’t have to sexually exploit kids. I can safely say the plot is a secondary vehicle to the long vile scenes in it.

If they did it in a way that didn’t sexually exploit 11 yr old girls, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. They could have pulled the movie off a million different ways that would have hit my ‘pissed off’ button. But they went for the throat.


No, really, it wasn’t.

This is about a girl brought up in a religiously fundamentalist household temporarily turning into a slut while trying to find her identity in a contrasting world outside. Naturally, she turns to the other extreme before finally finding a middle ground. Which was actually quite common amongst conservative muslim girls where I was growing up and this was without the presence of social media.

The most objectionable scene is actually an “exorcism”/punishment scene conducted by the main character’s mother. This would have been ok if they had used either an actress who wasn’t underaged.

Fair enough, I think based on the scenes I wish I didn’t see, that my mouth would be too far agape to notice there was a plot.