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MSLM On The Attack For Obama


Funny how Newsweek placed Romeney's photo on the front cover attempting to slam his religion. Yet, in 08' this same magazine was strangely silent when it came to Obama's "Church of Hate". If I didn't know better I'd swear there was a bias here. Nawwww...As I've been saying the republican candidate better get ready for a very viscous campaign as the MSLM will be out in full force to make sure that their chosen one serves two terms.



Romney looks surprisingly well in the polls right now. If Obama doesn't hurry up and take out Al-Zawahiri, it's gonna be a dead heat.


Romney will not beat Obama.


And that's because he won't get the GOP nomination.



I believe Mufasa is right about this. I guess I should have said "would" not beat Obama. It's still early... ish.


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I think Romney would have a harder time winning the GOP primary than the national election. Evangelicals won't vote for him because of his religion, and the far right find him too liberal. However, if he won the primary I don't see those same people voting for Obama so their votes would either go to him or they wouldn't vote at all. I think he could pull some independent votes from Obama. His background in business could help him a lot as the economy is still the most important issue on voters' minds and the voting public is increasingly losing faith in Obama's ability to handle the economy.


I agree with every word.

A far right conservative candidate will most certainly lose to Obama. And the press will have a field day with him or her. Not that they won't go after anyone who looks like a threat to beat their man.

Romney is just center enough to be able to beat Obama, but of course getting the nomination will not be easy.