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I’m thinking about writing an essay on monosodium glutamate. I’ve already got a few sources, but if anyone could give me any info or point me towards some science journals that publish studies on the subject I would be very grateful.


PS I’ll fill you guys in after i do the research

Cy, Berardi, Lonnie? Feel free to jump in here and link me anytime guys…

There are no reliable sources of evidence that MSG causes any health problems, that I know of – except the usual headache, stomach ache that everything causes.

Elliot Kolb, B.Sc. (Food), Ph.D. Food

From UBC


Also interesting what they say about just regular glutamine.


I meant I know of no human population studies that show MSG is that bad for you.

From a biochemistry standpoint, you could basically theorize how anything could overload any system causing death, destruction and a high percantage of body fat. In order to have a “good” report on MSG, I believe you should have long term population studies. Because there aren’t any, there is no “real” evidence for or against MSG. Hell, HOT-ROX has been less studied than MSG. I bet if they inject HOT-ROX into the brains of rats than those rats might suffer some negative side effects.

That is actually how MSG got its bad rep. A while back, some Japanese researchers injected it into the brains of mice, and these mice got cancer (gasp!). Well, if something thats injected into the brains of mice causes cancer, than it must also cause cancer in humans that eat it.


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MSG got a bad name because of the “chinese restaurant syndrome” which is a generic pile of shit. Mice can have neurological conditions from MSG (and diabetes if injected during development) but the doses for neuro problems are given by gavage, and you cannot eat enough msg to achieve this (without vomiting)
there is a supplement in the Journal of nutrition a few years back.

www.nutrition.org I think.

don’t listen to the hype about MSG… Look at a lot of food labels. There’s MSG everywhere. There’s a lot of recipes calling for a package of Ranch Dressing, and one of it’s main ingredients is MSG, for example. I personally like MSG. The only thing I know is that it can cause headaches to some people who eat it. (I am a pro. BBQ competitor, and don’t use MSG because of headaches I can give to some Judges)

I say, if it doesn’t bother you, eat the heck out of it !!.. Do any of you use Greek seasoning on anything ? it has a lot of MSG in it, but it’s so damn good on red meat and chicken.

Long Live MSG !!!