MsDSOO Velocity Diet Log 11/2022

My kit just arrived!! The hubs and I are jumping on this “adventure” together. Excited to get started. Will get my numbers up in a day or so.

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Awesome! Keep us posted. Here to help.

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My starting numbers and pics:
Weight 167.4
Belly button 38"
Hips 40"
Numbers for the hubs:
Weight 274
Belly button 51"

Those are the only measurements we are concerned with for this process.

(And I am not actually new 2 training, I think when I signed up for T-nation originally 15+ years ago, I was fairly new to train and I cannot figure out how to change my username now LOL.

Jeremy 11:12:22 back Small
Jeremy 11:12:22 left Small
Jeremy 11:12:22 right Small
Jeremy 11:12:22 Small
Kim 11:12:22 front Small
Kim 11:12:22 left Small
Kim 11:12:22 right Small

As I type this it is Saturday. I am on Day 4, the hubs is on Day 2. We are hungry and not happy about it LOL, but still in good spirits and not ready to kill one another just yet.

I am not a big advocate of weighing daily, but prefer weekly weigh-ins and will plan to do weights and measures again on Friday.

Most daily or every other day check ins will be around compliance to the tasks, workouts, and how we are are feeling along the way.

Meal plan for the hubs:
4 meals = 2 scoops Metabolic Drive with 1 Flameout
1 whole food meal= 8 oz 93% ground beef or flank steak, 2 cups white rice, 3 caramel rice cakes (trying to break his sweet tooth so the rice cakes are the compromise)
Should put him around Calories 1850, Pro 225, Carbs 150, Fat 33

4 meals = 2 scoops Metabolic Drive with 1 Flameout
1 whole food meal = 4 oz 93% ground beef or flank steak (or 4 oz chicken breast), 1 c white rice OR 8 oz sweet potato.
Calories 1300, Pro 195, Carbs 85 Fat 23

Always glad to see couples doing this together. Prevents any sabotage (overt or unconscious)!

Meal plan looks good starting out. What type of training do you guys have planned?

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For me, usually 4 days per week:
Posterior chain (back, glutes, hams, biceps); Chest/Shoulders/Triceps; Quad focused leg day; 4th day is usually biceps/triceps and any body part that I feel like I want to work more if that week. Typically off on Fri-Sun bc that’s what works with our current schedule.

Cardio… sometimes…… ehhh rarely. I have been resistant to cardio since retiring from 5 years of bodybuilding comps LOL, I’m sure you understand why. I’m a self employed personal trainer , I know better! I get it

He has been out of the gym for about 5 years!! Actually heading out today to join a new one opening up. Have to see how that goes, at this point just working to get him there first!!


Well, the good thing about being out of the gym for a while is that just about anything works when you go back!

Your plan looks solid. You guys are gonna rock this thing.


Me: Weight 165.8 (1.6), Belly Button 36 1/2" (1.5) Hips 38 3/4" (1.25)
Hubs: Weight 267 (7), Belly Button 48 1/4" (2.75)

My training:
Monday- 1 hour: Quads
Tuesday- 1 hour: Chest & Shoulders
Weds- 45 mins: Bi’s/Tri’s
Thurs- 2 hours: Posterior chain (back, hams, glutes including heavy deads)
Friday- Today will be 25 mins on the Peloton

Hubs training:
Tuesday- FIRST day back at the gym in like 5 years! 30 mins Back + 30 mins Peloton
Weds- 30 mins Chest + 30 mins Peloton
Thur- 45 mins Peloton

I am HANGRY… period!! I have never liked drinking my calories and I am a HUGE breakfast eater!! I honestly thought the breakfast shake would kill me, but it is working out really well and most likely will continue the breakfast shake even after the 28 days. Mornings are good because I have 1-1 clients, I am busy, and the shakes make it easier.
I am typically home by 12 or 1 to then work at home on my virtual clients, here is where it is really tough for me! I want to actually eat! But I dont want to give up my dinner meal b/c that is when the hubs and I eat together.
I have also had to change up the carbs in my dinner to about 4 oz of starchy carbs and the rest veggie carbs. I am not afraid of carbs and before this was getting about 150-175g per day, but that big dose all at dinner was putting me OUT by 7pm and I was sluggish as shit until bedtime around 930-10. Added a huge salad with a mix of fresh veggies and that helped tremendously.
Very pleased with my first check in results tho!

Thoughts from the hubs… he works from home unless he is traveling for work, which thru out the year is ALOT! He is definitely hungry, but he is enjoying this b/c he hates stopping his busy day to actually eat. Also this plan will work really well for him when he travels. We are getting him a hand blender to pack in his suitcase as he wants to continue the shakes while he is on the road for trade shows. His food options at those things always suck and he is a very picky eater so he would end up eating pop tarts and beanie weenies in the room LOL.

He doesnt get as moody as I do when I am hungry. He is just hungry, I get really angry over it LOL.
He is really sore, as to be expected, getting back into the workouts.
Overall he is also very please with the first check in as well and you can already see that “swollen, inflammatory look” in the belly going down.

Overall a good week!

We will post pictures next week before Thanksgiving dinner. We do not plan to count calories that day obviously, but we only have one dinner. We are already planning a big workout that morning as well.

Here’s a hunger tip: Have a serving of sugar-free Metamucil or any psyllium husk supplement when the hunger hits and you’re between shakes. It helps on various fronts, including curbing the appetite a couple of different ways. Check this out:

Thank you!! Picked it up today on the way home!

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Day 18
Weight 166.0 (up .2 from last check in…down 1.4 overal)
Belly button 36 1/2 (no change from last check in… down 1.5 overall)
Hips 38 3/4 (no change from last check in… down 1.25 overall)
Calories per day 1250-1300 depending on the protein source for the meal

Day 16
Weight 262.8 (down 11.2 overal)
Belly button 48 1/4 (down 2.75 overall)
Calories per day 1800

Hubs is doing a fabulous job!! He is making progress everyday. 3-4 days at the gym for weight training 3-4 days on the Peloton after his workouts.
Can definitely see and feel the inflammation decreasing in his mid section!!

Me… not so much. I dont feel like I am making any progress.
Dropped 1.5" in the beginning, which I feel was inflammation as well, but little to no weight loss.
I feel the next step for me is to drop my calories, but geez, I really do not want to drop to under 1200 calories to lose!!!

The only meal that we had off of plan was Thanksgiving and the only dessert was 2 bites of cheesecake (its my favorite dessert and didnt even want it once I took a bite, so that was a cool change)

I remember trying Velocity when it originally came out with the shakes and ground flax, I didnt have much success then either. Had hoped with the “kit” it would be a little more streamlined for me. Ultimately, I jumped on this plan to support the hubs bc he needed a big change. Just frustrated I am struggling so badly to find success. I did not need to include the metamucil b/c my hunger pains became manageable by the time I picked it up. So its not the hunger I am struggling with anymore…

Comp pics:

I bet you’ll see a big jump on the next check-in. Fat loss isn’t linear. And most of the time, a slow progress week is followed by a very fast-progress week.