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I have recently been working with people with multiple sclerosis. Like anyone they are vain and want to benefit from training to lose weight etc. As an athletic therapist and CSCS I think they can also benefit from better proprio, strength, balance etc. There is ltd knowledge out there that I have found. Are there any web sites you can offer. NSCA doesn’t have much. Any special considerations. These clients are not advanced in their ms progression.
Any help would be appreciated.

Can’t give you much help on this one, but would like to keep in touch with you on what you find. I’m am studying Sports Nutrition with a focus on disabled athletes, so any information or contacts you can dig up would be helpful. Of course, I’ll let you in on anything that I come up with, but I’m just getting started and haven’t dug very deep yet. One thing you could do is contact someone at Special Olympics and see if they could put you in contact with someone who has experience/knowledge in dealing with MS patients. Good Luck!!