MS Patient 6 Months on TRT, Can't Dial In

Hope your are doing well my fellow warriors,

I have some questions. I am having some problems dialing-in.

I have the MS disease - an absolute bastard of a disease that has affected me enormously for years. Testosterone has shown it can play a big role for some patients and TRT showing promising results, though it is a rare treatment yet and we need more studies. I bet it will be a common treatment for some MS patients in the future, but there is still this irrational stigma.

More than one studies indicate that T can be a big factor for some patients and that T has improved cognition, physical elements among other positive things. It is a fact that men with low T are more likely to get the disease (around 70-75 MS patients are women and you guessed right, they have less T ; - this is no coincidence). After doing my research, it was a no brainer to at least give it a try - only have a little regret is not being aware of this earlier, not keeping my head down as I am excited how much TRT can possibly affect me in a very positive way. Additionally, my T levels were definitely low for my age but just above the low T limits. Since I had almost all the symptoms, the illness etc. - TRT was accepted by doc.

It has had some benefits, e.g. more mobility and better exercises, some boost in confidence and decisiveness depending on days though but the benefits have not been as advertised (I am critical and not thinking it would solve all my problems and its likely I am not already dialed in for optimal levels).

After six months of 250mg of Sustanon weekly at first, later 125 e5d. My Total Testosterone has increased by 7%, Free testosterone lowered by 15% and SHBG raised from 31 to 41. Abnormal or at least not optimal levels, right?

I have tried the natural remedies and feel Boron does the most as I have been exercising 3-4x a week plus taking good walks everyday and eating healthy. I only take T. If I wanted to add something to my protocol, what would you recommend?

You guys have some tips for a man in dire need as this bastard of a disease has taken so much from me. My doctor is old and very passive. He thinks I should only stay on T at the same dose.



Do you have labs?

We need actual numbers, not percentages, having percentage tells us you actually have no labs at all and are guessing.

If SHBG increased on TRT 31->41, it means you need more testosterone.

It sounds like your doctor is old and tired, he has lost his zest for life and doesn’t care anymore.

Thanks mate. Total T 18,3 up from 17,5, Free T dropped from 8,2 to 7,3, SHBG 31 to 41. No E2, not part of their test. The ranges are up to 51 for SHBG. In the middle of the ranges for test and free test. My first levels are since after 2-3 weeks of starting TRT. I will get a new one tomorrow that should involve e2. I will let you know.

Post your complete lab work… with reference ranges and units of measurements if you are looking for help. Im sure others will chime in once this has been done.

TT increase, FT decreased because SHBG increase. If I didn’t know any better I wouldn’t know you were on TRT looking at these numbers. I see a lot of men suboptimal with FT midrange, most men need it at the top of the range to feel good.

We need reference ranges for all lab values.