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Ms. New Booty at Chuck E Cheese


jesus, that made my night

Showbiz pizza. My parents took me there for my birthdays up until I was like 9. These robots really scared the crap out of me. Like lifeless, godless, ghosts.

That brought up so many memories. I thought I forgot about these horrible abominations. I also had a clown clock when I was little. I remember it sitting there on the chest of drawers, grinning at me every night.

Oh god, the horror of that clown clock. And it didn’t tick tock like normal clocks, it made a squeaky tick noise over and over again and it started to sound like “don’t fall asleep, don’t fall asleep”…

Their yours. You did that, didn’t you?

Nice work.

God that’s awesome.

Anybody remember the Simpsons episode where the family took a trip to a theme park and they had the Showbiz pizza type animatronic characters for GoldiLocks and 3 Bears? I guess one of them didn’t work at all, even though the voice recording still played, lol.

Did those animatronics scare the hell out of anyone else when you were a kid?

I also remember being confused when they had Chuck E. on the stage singing at the same time as a “real” costumed Chuck E. Cheese was walking around. EVIL DOPPLEGANGER!

Not as funny as I thought it would be.

WTF was that?

My bad, skaz is right it is showbiz pizza.