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MS Kinesiology?

I’ve been set on going to law school all through college, but the prospect of sitting behind a desk for long hours is starting to lose its appeal. I love the gym, and I can’t think of anything better than spending more time there.

Although I mildly enjoy research, I really think that I’d like to do “hands-on” work (i.e. train, teach, etc.), so a MS would probably fit me better than a PhD.

I’ve heard that I could land an adjunct faculty position with a MS in kinesiology, supplementing my personal training business by teaching a few hours every week. Is this a realistic prospect? Are these jobs hard to come by?

Also, what else could I do realistically with such a degree?

I’ve already looked at the websites of different programs, but (in case you haven’t noticed…) many schools exaggerate employment/utility prospects.

Realistically you can do nothing with such a degree except go to grad school for a Ph.D, or possibly use it to establish clout for yourself as a training ideologue. It has no value whatosever on the job market.

I have BS in Health and Fitness Managment w/ minor in Business. I have been a Program Director managing multiple sites for almost 7 years.

I guess it has some value…

I also train and coach on the side.