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Mrs. Obama Breaks the Law






Laws are for little people, not her.


She's black. She could stand outside the polls with a baseball bat purposefully intimidating white people. The DOJ could already have a default conviction and the charges would be dropped because the DOJ as policy wonâ??t pursue litigation against minorities.

I know it sounds like a big joke, but the sad part is, thatâ??s the literal truth.


Yeah I read that story. Funny how thw whole thing got dropped. We had a Tea party member go in to vote with her Tea party shirt on and was made to go change, maybe she should have had a bat


I hope you are kidding


You can't tell me that people waiting in line to cast a vote for a politician won't discuss said election/politician. Please....That's a stupid law in circumstances of regular citizens. I remember being in line for the Presidential election and heard people having "political discussions"....You can't control what people talk about in line.


Considering she is a lawyer one would think that she would know better. However it does seem like this is making a mountain out of a mole hill. I'm not going to be bothered if nothing comes of it. This time.


No, he's not. And neither am I. You are a racist, and should also be brought up on charges of treason and sedition as well.

I'll have you know that I have already contacted the proper authorities in regards to your treasonous acts. Expect a visit from the SS soon.


How bad must things be if you need your wife to solicit votes at the voting booth.


She is not a regular citizen, and even a regular citizen cant stand there and say we need to vote for so and so to keep an agenda going.


Liberals have no shame.



PLEASE tell me you're making some point about "White Collar" (somewhat ironic term) crime...and not conviction rates in general in the U.S.?



If she's not a regular citizen what is she? She's not an elected official, a paid partisan, or political operative...


And who is going to be listening in on conversations in line? It's a stupid law. You can't forbid people to talk about something while they're waiting in line without going totally 1984-ish on the populace.


With American Politicians raising the level of hypocrisy to heights never before seen...this "AH-HAH!" moment with Mrs. Obama barely even registers...



I'm sure this law is strictly enforced.

And it's one man claiming she said this, I suppose I have to believe him?



Well, when you are looking for anything at all, finding out the truth takes backseat.

I do love the "question" in the title of that blog when it is really an accusation.

LA Times as well:

It's a good thing people are now guilty until proven innocent.


Football cheerleader politics has led people to now be fine with being "1984-ish" as long as it means they win.


I see what you did there. Very clever.