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Whats everyones favorite MRP?

AST’s Nytro-pro 40


Advanced Protein with some added carbs, oatmeal, fruit, or PB etc. I like it because I can make a fat/protein MRP or a carb/protein MRP. The tastes is great either way.

I just use Biotest Advanced protein. I don’t do well with all the carbs anyway on most meal replacements

Hey Johnny Blaze, just out of curiosity did you used to reside on another board under a similar name?

Oh, And I think Chocolate Grow is pretty damn good myself.

Ultramet chocolate by Champion Nutrition. Tastes like Cocoa Krispies!

I dont think you could find a fault with AST’s Ny-tro PRO-40. It has absolutely everything you could ever dream of. I have been using it for some time now and the results have been very good, I would have to say in my opinion it is the best.

I still use Grow. You can find it at some net retailers. I’ll go to AP after that and just add some carbs

Nope never was on another board, once I tried Biotest I never had too! I really miss GROW! but I just got an order of biotest stuff including Surge and advanced protein and I have to admit AP is goood. Im not sure about MAG 10 cause I had some prostate trouble, maybe another post.

I have to ask… what’s the ‘P’ for in MRP? Is it Meal RePlacement or Meal Replacement Product, or something else? Thanks


It stands for meal replacement powder

Grow! AP is not as handy to carry around.

MET-RX,APM 60, 60 grams of protein and 7 grams of carbs…

My favorite meal replacement powder is N-Large2. I have tried APM-60, but that shit turns into pudding when I blend it. I couldn’t figure it out.

Isopure and Grow (at least until my last box of Grow is gone…)

Slider, I have had the same problem with a lot of MRPs. It’s because for some reason a lot of air gets sucked in when you blend them up. I have never had that problem with Myoplex or Pro-Peptide by Dorian Yates. By the way, has anyone noticed a change in Myoplex since Bill left? I think they are using more Whey in it and less milk protein because it’s cheaper.

My favorites are Chocolate Myoplex and original Met-rx, but I get sick of even those after awhile. I think it’s important to find as many different ones that you like to add variety. I like Chocolate Ultramet and Isopure also. What do you guys think of
Dorian Yates Pro MR? I thought the Strawberry tasted great, but I haven’t tried Chocolate yet.

Hey Nathan H. I have only had that problem with APM-60. But N-large2 works great. On a side note I have been using Androsol for a week and I have put on 6-7 pounds of muscle. I know this sounds like a lot, but I was 145 with 4-5% bodyfat, and I am now 152 and loving it. I am gaining mass finally from using n-large2 and eating everything I see. Thanks for letting me babble.

Beverly’s Ultra Size and Muscle Milk have got to be two of the best tasting. They are multi-species protein rather than just whey also.