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I currently purchase Surge, Metabolic Drive, Metabolic Drive Bars, and Classic Grow. My next order will include Flameout and the Creatine Product. So in other words, if it is a supplement I use and Biotest makes it, then I purchase from them.

But Biotest does not offer a MRP in an individual package. I use EAS Myoplex. I have to have individual packets, since I travel on average 4 days a week. It allows me to have shakes on the airplane and in the hotel very conveniently.

First, any chance Biotest will produce the individual packs again?

Second, If no to the first, what are your recommendations for a MRP in single serve packs?



I got this tip from C Shugart: I simply fill my empty Surge containers with Classic Grow!

using three scoops with some milk & water would be my best "recommendation for a MRP in single serve packs."


If you don't want to worry about finding a cup and some water, the above suggestion is perfect. Otherwise, if you just want a packet of powder, why not throw a scoop in a little sandwich bag?


Lean Body is awesome. So is Met-rx but a little low in protein(37 grams). But I'd stick with Myoplex Deluxe. Eas makes great products.


That is a good idea, but I usually take about 20 packs on each trip. So that would entail about 40 scoops of MRP. And a full size Classic Grow bottle will not fit in my carry-on with clothes.

I guess I could leave the clothes at home, but after 4 days, I don't think the other pilot will want to sit in the flight deck with me. :slight_smile:


I carry a peanut butter jar, toss in a little ice and water, plus the MRP and I have my shake.


Having some MRP's from here would be great!


I take it you are asking for a RTD MRP? Otherwise what really is the difference in taking 20 small ziplock bags full of Metabolic Drive or 20 packets of MRP? You still need to mix it up. This sounds like you are on the Velocity Diet, given that you are out of town for only 4 days but need 20 shakes.

The only issue I could see is having 20 small bags of M. Drive and trying to get through security. Try explaining that one...

My advice- eat some real food those days and save the supplements for when they are more convenient. If you are on the velocity diet- display adaptation. (sorry for the steal shugs.)


Before Grow! (and now Metabolic Drive) I used to love Met-Rx Extreme Chocolate. If on the go, I would tear open the packet and while stirring with a spoon, pour in water a little bit at a time until it reached pudding consistency. Then I would eat it out of the packet with the spoon. The only dirty dish was the spoon and it tasted just like chocolate pudding.


Why not eat more bars? Or you could buy the large gallon size zip lock bags and fill it up with Metabolic Drive. Wrap it up so it looks like a kilo of coke and see if security stops you! Just kidding but use your imagination!