Has anyone tried micellean mrp by VPX??? anabolic mag says it is the best one becuase of the carbohydrate content. Also Jack Owoc says that its also better than real food in terms that it has a high amino acid profile and blah blah…
VPX seems kind of shady when you think about it

They have a very bad rep. Sleazy to the max. Isn’t this the same mag that used to steal t-mag articles? Shugart talked about suing them at one time.

VPX has never, and will never, get one penny out of my pocket. If you gave me their products for FREE I still wouldn’t use them.

Their MRP may indeed be an okay proiduct (having never seen it I don't know) but I refuse to support any company that lies that blatantly in its ads. Supplement buyers have been fleeced for far too long. There are lots of MRP's on the market from reputable companies. Please find one and give it your business.

Hint-the web page you're looking at is made possible by one of them.