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Does anyone know of any other good MRPs besides the usual (Grow, MET-RX, Myoplex)? I have been rotating between them for variety for a long time. Are there any others of good quality? I just started a Tribex/Androsol stack and am a little cash depleted. Perfect RX by Natures Best tastes good and is a good price, but does anyone know if it is high quality?

Perfect Rx has only whey as its protein source to the best of my knowledge. Really you are better off with a blend of proteins(see Cy Wilson’s article on the latest t-mag). Others that fit the bill are PRO MR from Chemical Nutrition and maybe NYTRO PRO 40 from AST. I would say that these should be better than Labrada’s meal replacement, although to be honest I am not sure if ultimately it makes TOO much difference as long as there is a blend of proteins. Who knows? Well according to Cy’s article if you had to choose one protein it would have to be casein. It seems that MET-Rx and Scott Connelly ere probably right all along with their proteins in their products.