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I’m sure this question has been posted before but I’m curious as to what MRP’s you guys use. Best value for money sort of thing and yes, it does have to taste good. Bill? Brock? Anyone? Thanks guys.

I use either Advanced Protein with a couple
of slices of bread or another carb source,
e.g. these flat little wafer-like biscuits that are pretty high in fiber and taste good (forget the name); or Met-Rx Protein Plus bars, Bavarian Mint flavor if I need something I can carry in my pocket or just like the idea of eating one of them.

Thanks Bill. So will Biotest sell GROW! ever again or are there plans for another GROW!-like MRP in the near future?

try the Ready-to-Drink Myoplex Pro Chocolate Fudge. damn tasty. 330 cals, 7 fat, 45 protein, and 25 carbs (7 fiber). i know its EAS, but it is healthy and easy to get the calories.

You simply cant go past AST Ny-tro Pro40, More vitamins and minerals than probably any other MRP plus contains cystine and taste’s damm good. Simply the best. Myoplex tastes the best though IMO.

I Use AP and some kind of complex carb, except post workout where I add dextrose that I got from a beer and wine shop for pennies (my first ever tub of Surge arrived this weekend though, so that might change).

Some of the brands people recommend make we want to gag, so I think its a very personal thing. I’ve read somewhere that there is a replacement for Grow on the cards, but it wasn’t a Biotest representative, so can’t be sure about the accuracy of that.

met-rx is pretty cheap if you can find it in the 100 pack.and natures best makes something called perscription RX is was made before isopure but is still around. You can get it in 20lbs buckets. It is ok. but not very good for post workout.

SLAINE, you’re right on with that. Nytro- Pro is by far the best bang for the buck, as well as being great tastewise. I gotta say I do love myoplex pina colada and mint chocolate though.

I dump metrx protein plus in my oatmeal. delicious. First make oatmeal, then add protein, stir, let sit, eat, grow, rinse and repeat if still hungry.

You can make your own MRP out of AP and another ingredient depending on whether you want a P+C or a P+F meal. For P+C, I mix oatmeal directly in with my 2-scoop AP shake. For P+F, you could add some kind of oil, flaxseed, fish caps, or peanut butter. I find this economical, practical, and very time saving. Experiment with different ingredients, I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your needs.

Droog, I’m not sure (I don’t have anything to do with the product or with marketing or planning other than my own designs) but I don’t think Grow is scheduled for a comeback anytime soon. Like Nandrosol, it cost too much to make.