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MRPs other than GROW

I want to take Mypoplex for the MRP diet (I already have a shit load of the stuff). I want to get ripped…is it okay to take this for the diet.

It’ll work, but last time I checked Myoplex had a shitload of maltodextrin. All MRPS have some, but EAS really packs it in there. I’d bet the GI is pretty high. Add flax to it to tame it. When you run out, get some Grow. Hey, T-mag gave you the diet for free, at least use their stuff. Traitor!!! (Just kidding…)

Sorry, but Grow! is the only MRP allowed on this diet. It contains magical ingredients that will get you big and ripped!!!
Seriously, most MRP’s are fine. The main issue is how it tastes. Myoplex is a good MRP and the strawberry tastes pretty damn good too!

Dude, all MRP’s are virtually the same as long as it comes from a reputable company. Myoplex is good stuff…love the strawberry flavor. Hope Biotest comes out with strawberry Grow!