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MRP's Healthy?


I go to school full time about an hour away from where I live. I leave at 8 or 9am and get home at 5 or 6pm (my senior year and am trying to graduate by May and taking a crapload of labs and classes). I manage to train from 6-8am roughly.

My question is, the only way I can keep from not eating the school food all day which has become burgers and fries, pizza hut, italian eatery and various candybars on campus or traveling off campus to eat fast food is by carrying around protein bars and 100% natural whole grain granola bars throughout the day.

This has been working well although I am concerned about the health of these protein bars. They contain ingredients which aren't commonly known as "natural" for the body but I would rather ingest them than fastfood multiple times a day on a daily basis.

Any thoughts on the health of MRP bars and/or protein bars?



To which ingredients are you referring?