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MRP vs Protein and Fruit


First post.....Hello to all!
I am 5 ft 10 in and about 200 lbs. I am trying to lose some weight and started eating right and working out about 1 1/2 weeks ago. So far so good and I love it!

I bought some EAS Myoplex shakes that I use for a convenience meal. I mix one up and drink 1/2 of it 1 hour before my workout and then the rest right after my workout. It works as my lunch and post workout meal at the same time. Breakfast is usually egg whites and oatmeal or fruit. For my snack and dinner I get real food too. The shake is only 1 per day.

My question is can I make my own. EAS Myoplex Deluxe is expensive. Would I be better off buying some whey and soy protein and throwing a bananna in one day or a couple of straberries the next or peaches and blend them up. Would that be about the same and a little cheaper. $80-$120 per box of myoplex is pretty expensive.
Thanks guys in advance. I know that I have lots of questions but I am a newby and that is what this place is for.

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Yeah you can make your own. Another option is whey protein and Gatorade.


Nice going. Best of luck to you.

Not too bad, but drinking 1/2 serving pre and post workout might be a little bit too small of food intake. Pre-workout is fine, as you don't want a huge meal sitting on you anyways.

However, Myoplex contains a blend of proteins designed to be slow to digest, so perhaps replacing this with maybe a scoop of whey protein isolate taken 30 minutes before your workout would be better. Or, it may make no noticeable differences. Try it and see how you feel.

Post workout, Myoplex is too slow to digest to be OPTIMAL. Notice I said optimal. Ideally, post workout you'd have something a little higher in carbs, and a faster acting protein source. Something like Surge, here at the Biotest store, would be ideal.

Be mindful that all of this depends on your dietary approach. Super low carb? Just reduced carb, reduced calorie? It all depends. Lots of roads will get you to where you want to be, some just faster than others...

No shit it is.

No, don't buy soy.

IDEALLY, you want your meal replacement shakes (those to be used as meals) to be a blend of slow and fast digesting proteins (except for pre workout.)

Also, you may have faster results if you adopt a lower carb, higher fat, more moderate protein approach. Personally, I've had good results using this method, while maintaining all, if not even gaining, some muscle mass.

Basically save your carbs (starchy) carbs for post workout, perhaps one serving in the morning (like your oatmeal.) During the rest of the day, its protein and fat, with equal amounts of calories coming from both protein and fat (credit to CT.) With your meals, try to have GREEN veggies (brocolli, spinach, cucumbers.) Leave everything else alone.

BUT...you don't have to do this. Simply eating a balanced diet will get you good results too, but again, I'm always thinking of what's optimal versus what is suboptimal.

As far as your shakes go, is Metabolic Drive, which they sell here, an option for you? Good price, excellent taste, excellent ingredients. Whey is just a little too fast digesting to be optimal as a meal supplement.


i totally agree with the post above.. limit ur carbs to pre/post workout.. and if ur feeling a lil energy deprived then maybe ur PPWO meal should include a lil bit.. such as 1 cup of brown rice or a few slices of WW bread to keep them complex and healthy

as for that get a bunch of green veggies in ur diet and i would try to have fruit pre/PWO also.. the fiber content/antioxidents are very beneficial to you

all in all i would save ur whey pre/post as stated above.. and if you need something like myoplex have it later in the day after ur pre/pwo meals to replace if ur on the run or need a good protein source and cant seem to find time to have a meal

all in all best of luck to you and good to hear ur starting to eat healthy and starting to work out best of luck to you