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MRP/Protein Bars & Pre-Made Shakes


I work a very hectic schedule and put in tons of hours a week. My schedule is such that I only get time to eat a big breakfast, then I get a lunch break for half hour and then I eat when I get out ( which can be anywhere from 4-9pm). You can't grow if you don't eat!!! I am in the market for some meal replacement/protein bars that I can munch on while I am running around. I also want to get some pre-made protein/meal replacement shakes that I can just pop open and gulp down.

I don't have time to make my own shakes with powder so I want to opt for some that come pre-made (sorta like soda cans). Can you guys recommend some bars and shakes that are relatively healthy? I know there is no substitute to a grilled chicken or salmon breast but you gotta do what you gotta do! Thanks!


You can always pre-make your shakes at night and use them in the morning. I do that sometimes when i know i have to be up really early. I also recommend the Metabolic Drive cookie dough bars sold here. They are so tasty.


Yes I have the shakes in the morning. But I am looking for shakes that I can have during the day when I don't have the time or equipment to make the shake....

Will look into the Metabolic Drive cookie dough bars.


You can get a blender bottle and keep some dry powder in it. All you need is water then. Pre-made shakes and bars will never be much good for you. They have to have preservatives and they might not be to your sweetness preference or a million other things. The ingredients lists are super long.

Also, mixed nuts travel very well


I have tried the blender bottle and I seldom have time to use it. BTW, what is a good meal replacement powder? I know TMUSCLE store has some but what are some other good ones.

I totally agree that pre-made shakes and bars will never be much good but I strongly believe that in my situation they are the way to go. I think you'd agree that it is best to have at least these shakes/bars as opposed to going for a meal for hours on end.

I always carry nuts and dates but you can only get so much from them.


Ones I like:
Metabolic Drive Complete Powder
Labrada Breakfast Shake
VPX Zero Impact Bars
Metabolic Drive bars

Pre-mixed oatmeal, protein powder and flaxmeal