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MRP - Hot or Cold?

Yep, I’m one of those old fat guys that read BFL, got up, started working out and lost 50lbs. I have been on the “MRP Diet” since Jan 1st in order to do this. My question is…is it better to drink them with ice or tepid? I’ve heard it will digest faster if it’s warm. Any serious comments appreciated.

Supposedly room temperature beverages are fastest absorbed into the body since the digestive system doesnt have to do any temperature alterations to make it coincide with the stomach environment, but i think the time difference is marginal. If it means a sacrifice in the enjoyment realm i don’t think it is worth it in all honesty. MRP diets are hard and you want to enjoy them since they are a substitute for real food, if you like things like cappucino, mix a flavored coffee in a packet of MRP, or if you are a smoothie guy use some frozen fruit, but dont suffer becuase you think your body will be slow to digest

I think in your case, drinking it cold is the preferred choice. Intoduction of cold liquid, causes the body to use more energy to bring the liquid to body temp for digestion. So basically, you burn more calories. If you were in a marathon, you’d want a room temp liquid to replace lost fluids more quickly. I use room temp bottled water during workouts, to speed replacement.

oh, one more thing. Liquid meals (MRP’s) digest pretty fast as it is (usually 1-2 hours). Making it cold only slows down digestion by about 1/2 hour. And you shouldn’t really be in need of that fast of digestion all day long anyway.