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MRP Diet

With the recent discussions on the “Fat Fast” diet and the like, I thought I would bring up another “oldie” from the days of the print version of this site. The MRP Diet has been very sucsessful for me, to this point. Four shakes a day with some flax seed pills(3-6) plus a solid meal at some point in the day, as well as using the “old” formula HOT-ROX (since this seems to be the only thing I can obtain in Canada). I’ve been using CT’s reccomendations and workouts form his “Black Book” and the results have been great. I’m entering my third week, having lostabout 5 lbs by the scale, but the body composition changes would lead me to believe that my fat mass has been greatly reduced. My sterngth continues to increase as well. I would reccoment that we re-visit this diet as well for the newbies.