MRP Diet

Does T-mag still recommend this diet?
Any comments on this diet.
I have just started working out again after many years and mrps would be alot more convenient for eating multiple times a day.(especially at work) I need to lose a lot of weight because I am severly out of shape.


Just try eating solid whenever you can, but take MRPs when you can’t.

Eating mostly MRP’s can have a few side-effects. Too much Whey protein (which is the base of most MRPs) can easily result in a food allergy (Note “Ressurgence” in last week’s issue discussed this.) I’ve found it can induce a great deal of distension (ie. gas). Also, because there’s no fibre in MRPs, you can be highly constipated.

Eat solid food as much as possible

Even the original article recommended at least one solid meal per day and the addition of supplemental fiber.

Anyway, Shugs recently answered a similair question and he said he’d change a lot about that diet plan if he were re-writing it today. Might run a search. He wrote that either here or in reader mail, not sure.

If you need to get extra cals at work maybe two a day wouldnt be a bad idea (taken at work, assuming you work 9-5). What I like to do is cook a lot of food at once and eat it over the next couple of days. I suppose you could take that food, put it into microwave safe tupperware things and use that for a smaller meal, and just make a lot of those things at once. Just a thought.

If you are competing for a bb show I would highly suggest this diet. My friend did it when placed 2nd in his weight class in the Musclemainia competition,in 2000 and fifth in 2003 musclemaina had to actually go up in weight class in 2003.

If your not competing in a BB show I wouldn’t reccomend it.