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MRP Diet Plan

In order to get my fat a$$ back into shape I have been using the MRP Diet that was detailed by Chris Shugart and TC. I started this aprx 14 days ago and have gone from 247lbs to 238lbs. My goal is to get to my pre-marriage body of 225lbs 8% bf. Listed below is my current daily diet plan which I estimate is a total of 2260 calories. Please review.

MRP w/ 1tbl spoon of Flax Oil
(2) Hot Rox
(3) Tribex 500
(1) Multi Vitamin



(2) Hot Rox
(3) Tribex 500


Full Meal

MRP w/ 1tbl spoon of Flax Oil

What MRP are you using?

Dan “Inquiring Minds Want to Know” McVicker

I am using Champion Nutrition’s Ultramet right now until I am finished the three boxes then I will the Grow I have.

41g protien

How much carbs/fat?

What kinds of carbs/fat?

I just mention it because a lot of MRPs aren’t ideal for “cutting” purposes.

Plus, the MRP diet is kind of archaic. Not that it won’t work, it’s just not completely… optimized.

Didja get the low-carb Grow!?

Dan “MRP Diet 2.0?” McVicker

Then again, if it’s working, stick with it.

Dan “If it ain’t broke… fix it 'til it is.” McVicker

MRPs… blah! I don’t know HOW the heck you consume so many in one day. I used to supplement with just one per day and felt sick as heck (Labrada’s Lean Body).

And I agree with Dan. Most MRPs have a significant amount of carbs, approx. 24g per serving.

Another point I might add is, your body will adapt to this shock diet and you will hit a plateau. Your body likes to adapt to everything, just as it does with repetative exercises with every training session. Change it up!

Do you have a problem with food?I don’t like the sound of this diet at all,why don’t you just low carb it or something?

I only reccomend this diet if you are preparing for a contest.

Another thing is I would put the full meal at 6:00pm instead of 8:00pm what time do you work-out by the way?

In Health,

Silas C.

Here’s a sample of what my friend/client did for the 2000 musclemaina.

6:00am- work-out

6:45am- AST protien shake, 3 egg whites couple of letucce, carrots, celery

9:00am- MPR AST

11:00am- Protien AST

12:30pm- Depend on on if he was hungry or not can of tuna w/ a cup of Brown rice

3:00pm- MPR AST

5:00pm- meal 2 chicken breast, cup brown rice/ cup of lettuce,celery, carrots

6:00-6:45pm steady state cardio 8-13 incline 3.4-3.8 walk speed.

7:00pm protien shake

9:00 pm MPR

H2O consumption was about 2 gallons also he would literally dring a gallon of sodium water 2 months before the show.

Mind you he also had full time school was a bio chem major and worked part- time in a catering business.

I finailly got a scanner I will post pics on another thread.

Thanks for everyones input. I am currently doing a ton of cardio, probably more on the fitness side than the body building side. I dont know what you would call it, but I get strong just by walking by wieghts. I lean towards to doing cardio work right now over wieghts. For example, I do cardio 5 times a week for 30 - 40mins of intense pace. I did flat bench for the first time on Saturday and did 225x3x10, 275x1x5, 315x1x3. That is pretty good since I had not been working out since Nov and just started really hitting the gym about 3 weeks ago again. I have been mainly doing barbell work in a circuit fashion.