MRP DIET/ Fat to Fire

Due to time constraints and just for the sake of trying something new I am planning on giving the MRP diet a try for three weeks along with the fat to fire workout program (also three weeks). Hoping to drop some of this excess holiday bodyfat. BTW my stats are 215 around 16% body fat

I was wondering how everyone would recommend introducing extra calories to the MRPs since the average MRP only has 280 calories and I am not looking to go on a starvation diet. So I probably need to average between 400-500 calories per shake.

I will be drinking four shakes a day and having two solid meals tuna/ chicken breast and brown rice with a salad.

Any feed back would be appreciated and if it works I think I will do a subwayess style commercial if Biotest wants to sponser it.


You could add EFA to MRP’s by adding a TBS of flax oil or olive oil. I believe each TBS is around 120-130 calories. Actually, rather than bother mixing the EFA into the shake, I just spoon the oil directly down the pie hole and quickly chase with the shake. The olive oil (make sure its extra virgin) is a little stronger tasting than the flax but either is high quality source of dietary fat. I think there’s around 14 grams of oil in a TBS. If you want a mini meal that will stick a little longer than MRP, try mixing 1 and half cups fat free cottage cheese with 2 TBS oil and 3 or 4 TBS salsa. Thats about 500 calories with about 42 grams protein, 28 grams EFA’s, and 20 grams carbs.

I usually don’t even eat MRPs anymore without adding an extra scoop of protein powder. Milk and juice add calories too. Try a scoop of raw oatmeal in the MRP, or cook the oatmeal and add everything to it. You COULD blend up fruit with it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.