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MRP bars and Carbs

Hey guys, I have done my research on the site but I am little confused. The game of “liars poker” that the companies play in regards to label claims is confusing. My question is if a bar says it has 19 total carbs, and under that it says Ditary Fiber 0, Sugers 12, Suger Alcohol 4, and Non suger Alcohol 10g, how many CArbs does it actually contain??

What’s the fat, protein and overall calories?

300 cal 7 fat 30 pro

It’s easiest to calculate total carbs by taking whatever’s left from the total calories after you subtract the protein and fat calories. In this case: 300-(79)-(304)=117 calories from carbs. (F=9cal/g, P&C=4cal/g.) That’s about 29 grams.

Mike…most bars (well, all pretty much) contain glycerine. They say it’s not a carb, but it has a caloric value of 4.32. I’ve done a little research on it, and supposedly your body doesn’t use it as a carb. But if it’s not fat or protein, I have a feeling it’s pretty damn close to a carb. Anyway, according to my calculations the bar has 300 cal, 7g fat (63 cal), 30g protein (120 cal), and 12g sugars (48 cal). That leaves 69 calories unaccounted for, so there’s probably about 15 or 16g of glycerine. I personally count glycerine as a carb, so I’d be looking at 27-28g of carbs. Hope that helps.