MRP and Breakout

Does anyone get a reaction to Protien powders? I cant even drink milk or eat yogurt with out getting zits on my back and shoulders. And the more i have the worse it gets. Its hard to consume 200 grams of protien from just chicken and fish and eggs (those 3 dont bother me) everyday. I am trying to pinpoint exactly what causes this and any solutions. It seems that better quality MRPs are worse for me… (like GROW, Myoplex) they are particulary bad. Never the less. i don’t want any acne as my body looks good.
Any other ideas from where i can get other sources of good quality protiens without have to cook a chicken breasts all the time?
I wish i could have 3 GROW shakes a day, cus its sure good.

Some people have that reaction to dairy products. Enzymatic tablets might help. Also, I’ve found that the best thing for clearing away the zits is to eat a serving or two of raw almonds a day. I have no idea why it works, but it does! You may want to try (if you haven’t already) MD-6. It obliterated my acne whenever I was on it.