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MRP and blood sugar

Hey fellas…I’ve been taking between 1 and 2 MRP’s per day for the last few months to get appropriate protein and calories for my current plan. I’ve noticed that I’ve been feeling ‘sluggish’/tired and feel as though my blood-sugar level could be messed up from these. Is there a specific ingredient that would be doing this?? Any recommendations as far as products that won’t do this?? Any feedback would be appreciated!!

I like Biotests’s low carb grow and if you do need some carbs in there you could add some dextrose (corn sugar? corn starch? corn somethin). Tastes pretty good… maybe mix it in with some oatmeal for a protein+carb meal.

Same problem - I cut the milk out and it worked great. Make sure you’re averaging 300 cals or less as well.

It’s probably the maltodextrin in your MRP, which is a very high GI index carb. Most every MRP has malto in some amount, so it’s kinda hard to make a suggestion, but maybe try to find an MRP with a lower carb count.

Most mrp’s don’t contain more than 24 carbs per serving and the typical types of carbs aren’t the kind that should wreak havoc on your blood sugar so i’d say more than likely you’re showing a sensitivity to one of the ingredients and not necessarily the carbs. It could be the dairy protein, casein, sweetener, flavoring (cocoa, vanilla, etc.) or any number of chemicals and preservatives.

Yes, the maltodexterin is very high? or low? (I forget which is which) in being digested. It is more readily absorbed than sugar. That’s why it makes an ideal post-workout meal, it gets the ingredients into your muscles faster.

Well, almost all MRPs list maltodextrin as the main source of carbs. Maltodextrin has a fairly high GI index (comparable to glucose) so MRPs could create quick raises (and quick drops) in blood sugar levels. However the protein in MRPs could slow down the absorption of the carbs and lower the GI of the overall mix (I don’t think the GI index of MRPs was ever measured). A safe thing could be to replace the MRP with a ‘low carb’ MRP, i.e. a protein powder, and eat some fruit with that (a MRP has roughly 20 g of carbs, about the same as one banana or one apple).

when you mix it with oatmeal, how do you prepare the oatmeal first?

If you’re hypoglycemic or diabetic, the aspartame could be doing it. If your insulin sensativity is low, the carbs might be making you drowsy. My solution: adopt a light carb diet plan. Eat only protein and fat between waking up and working out. Eat a small portion of low GI carbs right before the workout, with an EC stack if possible. Use good post workout nutrition after the workout, followed by one or two good carb and protein meals. End the day with a protein and fat meal. Do a search for Animabolics if you want to know more.

Its more than likely the Maltodextrin. Look up for the glycemic index of foods and you will see that Maltodextrin is one of the highest out there. By the way someone on here mentioned that protein would slow or lower the GI but there are studies showing the exact opposite. Protein itself can raise it. The reason why for instance that beef would lower the GI is because of the fat. So one way to counter the MRP problem would be to add 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of EFA oil to your Mrp. The fat will slow down the GI.

hmm no idea Steve, honestly I’m going to try this tomorrow (end of Fat Fast 28 freakin days on it), what I’ll do first is mix up low carb grow in blender then add to bowl of oatmeal then microwave oatmeal then eat, then go into insulin coma and hopefully not die. aah life

Don’t nuke your Grow as this will denature the protein fractions in the Grow. Quality protein manufacturers take great pains in using LOW HEAT processing to keep the protein fractions intact and not denature the protein. Cheaper protein may use higher heat processing as this is cheaper but results in a lower quality, inferior product. So I would not nuke my Grow and heat it up and denature it. Instead, cook your oatmeal as usual but with extra water so that the oatmeal comes out as cooked but runny, than add your powdered Grow to the cooked oatmeal and eat. You will have to adjust the water used to cook the oatmeal to get the right consistency. Or you may thin with milk. Just add the unmixed Grow to the oatmeal AFTER cooking to preserve the superior quality of the grow. If you want to “cook” your protein powder, you may as well buy the cheapest protein powder you can find as that is what you will end up with anyway.

Heb thanks for the advice… I’m such a creature of habit I woulda been doing this for years. I did it this morning and it came out aight… tho very bubbly? very with the lil bubbles and such. Before I used too spoon mix the protein after nuking the oatmeal (with fat free milk). Thanks again.