MrMunch Training Log

Hello Everyone, I am new to powerlifting after developing more of an interest in it in the past couple of months I have decided that I want to focus on powerlifting only rather than bro splits which I have been running since I stepped foot in the gym 1 Year ago. My Best Lifts are 330LB Deadlift, 220LB Squat And 200LB Bench. My Goals By the end of 2017 are 405LB Deadlift, 305LB Squat And 270LB Bench. Hopefully I will get these much sooner than The end of 2017 but I’ll just have to wait and see. I am 16 Years Old.

Day 1 - 5/3/1 For hardgainers

Warm Up - Agile 8(No Foam Rolling), half mile bike, Stairmaster 2 Minutes

SQUATS - 60KG(Warm Up)
65KG X5, 75KG X5, 85KG X8, 65KG 2X10 - Couldn’t do one set of 20

Dumbbell bench - 20KG X12, 25KG X12, 30KG X12, 35KG X8, 25KG X15 - 60 Total Reps

35KG Cable Row - 5X12 And 5KG rear delt Flyes - 4X12

Hanging Leg Raises - 5X12