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MRI Results (Shoulder)

So I finally had my shoulder looked at after 3 years of not being able to bench without pain.

Rotator cuff muscles/ac joint/biceps tendon are fine, the only impression was "Mild blunting of the anterior inferior labrum with scarring adjacent joint capsule indicative of chronic injury/tear. No displaced labral fragment seen.

The doctor, who has great reviews, said that a cortisone shot and PT should be sufficient enough to heal and get back going. He labeled it as shoulder bursitis, gave me a prescription for 4 weeks of physical therapy, gave me a cortisone shot since it’s been like this for so long and sent me on my way.

The labral part is worrying me a little but it seems minor. Anybody else have a similar diagnosis? Was physical therapy sufficient? I’m looking for a fix, not relief.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I would go with the PT, will 4 weeks be enough? Most orthopedic docs usually have a PT practice they know and work with, IMHO, that is the way to go. They’ll probably give you an exercise sheet of “homework” to do a couple times during the days you don’t see them. These were a big help to me.


Yea man I have my first PT appointment tomorrow. The cortisone shot had helped a lot already, even though I know thats temporary. There isn’t a tear, or atleast a complete one, so I’m really praying this can get me back to 100%.