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MRI Finding: Small Pituitary Tumor

25 years old male, 6’ 2” dealing with low testosterone. At the moment i have done a lotttt of exams/tests to find the cause of the problem. this is probably the last one to check. https://imgur.com/a/zuVav MRI of my pituitary gland. it seems that i have a microadenoma.

my current symptoms: fatigue, blurry vision, depression, anxiety, no motivation, low testosterone, no libido/erection (i tried to do 1 sperm count test to check fertility and failed due to not eyecaluting enough sperm, insomnia, constipation,loss memory, hard to concentrate. what will the treatments be for this? seems like a small tumor but the symptoms especially low t is messing meup. ihave been dealing with this for years trying to search for a doctor who is willing to treat me. will he put me on trt?

Additional info: low free and total test, low lh, high shgb of 79, extremely high acth of 64 (normal is 44 if i believe) borderline cortisol (am) of 22 (24 is the end ofnormal)

edit: so i went to the doctor and he said this case is rare and will need assistance from other professionals. he didnt said anything about prolactin so i asked for prolactin levels. he seems to not know what to do -.- he said if prolactin is high he will try to lower it. but what will happen? willmy test increase?

You now have 4 threads in this forum. So where are your labs in list format with ranges?

You really need one good active thread for your case. With multiple threads there is a risk of duplication of effort and your loosing advice.

Vision: Has your width of peripheral vision become narrowed? Should be ~180 degrees. While an adinoma can press on the optic nerves, micro does not seem to fit that.

1/2mg/week Dostinex/cabergoline will shrink and manage, not cure, a prolactin secreting adinoma.

Please explain why the MRI was ordered. Typically that is a follow up to elevated prolactin lab.

There are several pituitary hormones and perhaps these might be involved with other symptoms.

There really is not enough info hear to work with and there might be in your other threads, but that would be an easter egg hunt.

SHBG is made in the liver to scavenge sex hormones.

SHBG can be elevated by some liver conditions/diseases, so liver needs some consideration with labs etc.

ATCH levels vary in time, so perhaps not an issue. At least cortisol is then higher as it should be. You could have had some panic at time of labs that does this.

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@KSman hello! thanks for taking your time. sorry about the multiple threads.

vision: its only blurry vision right now.

prolactin: well heres the thing, the doctor saw my blood tests and decided to do an mri BEFORE doing prolactin test. now after finding the tumor he wants to check my prolactin to see how it is. this is why im posting here because the doctor said this is a rare and hard case to deal with and he will translate my case to his partner. i was the one who asked for prolactin levels, if i didnt he wouldnt do it. also i ask what to do after prolactin and he said if its high he will treat me with cabergoline. but to be honest, i feel like i should not take the medication because he seems to not know how to deal with this issue.

heres my full lab tests: https://imgur.com/a/v6O4L

so as you can see, my creatinine is pretty high due to working out and using creatine (i think) and i still have a lot of blood test coming. tomorrow ill get the prolactin results.

so you’re saying shgb might be high due to liver damage?but yeah it seems pretty high to me. my doctor said it was fine lol

https://imgur.com/a/p4xIN @KSman hello! today i got my prolactin test and results came in normal. this is a tough one.