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Mr179's Log, Bigger with Video


Brief History
Been training for 2 years now erratically. Never managed to keep diet and training 100% consistent for more than a couple of months. Diet I feel has generally been the week point. My goals are currently to body recomp, with controlled eating and trying to gain strength training.
Ok so Training Plan:
Weight Training:
-4 days a week upper/lower

Additional Training:
-Sprints: 40 yard with timed rest (x2 times a week)
-Neural Charge Workouts when required

And now diet
Have become very interested in fasting recently. Read EatStopEat and after a couple of fasts have decided to use it as a protocol.
So initial Plan is to Fast for 2 days per week (if all goes to plan on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and keep cals at around 3000 on other days and see how it goes from there. Initial plan is to lose a bit of BF so will see how lean i can get then add cals slowly to try and gain lean mass as at the min thats virtually non-existant.
On eating days btw diet will be very simple. Keeping it clean with reasonable levels of carbs/fats/protein. Not really looking into too much detail on that. Just focusing on eating calories from clean sources.

NOTE: Weight recorded in KG


Some goals for the end of the year:
-Front Squat: 90x5
-Sumo Deadlift: 140x5
-Overhead Press: 55x5
-Bench Press: 75x5
-Chinup: BW+20x5


Sprint Training tomorrow fasted. Followed by Upper Body Push/Pull on Monday morning before first day back at uni.
Now bed to get some good quality sleep!


11/09/2011 Conditioning.
40 pace sprints on slight incline x10 with 90 seconds of rest

Ok first training session of the log is complete!
Sprints went well this morning. Found a 40 pace straight on a slight incline in the park beside my flat in Edinburgh.
Felt performance lessened on sprint 6 or so. Will lessen the rest intervals when I feel like performance isnt becoming restricted due to it.
Good start!
Looking forward to my omelette with chilli later. Tasty!


Heading out to Uni early. Get my first gym session of this log done! Feeling pumped!


12/09/2011 Upper Push/Pull
Incline Bb Press: 20x3 40x3 50x3 60x3 70xF 60x3 60x3 70x2
Db Shoulder Press: 20's x6,x3
Db Bench Press: 20's x3,x6,x6,x6,x6,x6,x6
Plyo Pushup from Bench: x6x6
Chinup: BWx10
CG Pulldowns: 25x15,x15,x15

Poor session! Came in felt fine until the first 60 set and it was HEAVY. Session Never Recovered Afterwards. Got a lit volume on pulldowns and went really slow but was disappointed.


13/09/2011 Leg Day
Front Squat: 40x6 45x6 50x6 55x6 60x6
Deadlifts: 60x3 80x3 100x3 110x3 120x3,x3 140x1 (PB)
Sprint: Hillsx5 minimum rest

Good session. Felt sore and stiff going in today but worked through it. Focused on depth with squats and weights suffered but performed ok, will look to increase poundages in the next few weeks! Deadlifts felt like a struggle but they all just came up. Very pleased! Aim for some 130 triples next time maybe? Plently of foam rolling was needed after this!
Adding some assistance exercises after to main movements, thinking goblet squats, some lunges and GHR. Sprinting will be removed and frequency at other times increased! More work, more gain!


14/09/2011 Upper Body Pressing
Overhead Press: 30x3 35x3 37.5x3 40x3,x3 42.5x3,x3 45x3
Incline Bench Press: 45x3 50x3 55x3 57.5x3,x3
Decline Bench Press: 60x3,x3 65x3
Assistance Circuit: 4x8
-High Pull: 40
-Face Pull: 5 plates
-Raises: 8's

Great Workout! Love training fasted, seem to have more energy! First day of this pressing routine so think the little lower weights were due to the amount of pressing, hopefully will get that 5/10kg back. Assistance work was great, really quick and powerful. Love this workout. Was quiet sore from yesterday so had a good stretch/foam roll after!
See how I feel later but hopefully will get a sprint session in. Loving training atm, thinking of cutting out alcohol and late nights for as long as possible, see how that effects my results.


14/09/2011 Conditioning
40 yard sprints on slight incline x10 with 90 seconds of rest

Got out and did these just now. Need to lower rest periods, too easy today. Suppose that's a good sign! Superb day of training! Looking forward to 12 tomorrow to get back in the gym! Lats and Biceps, 2 lagging areas. Lets hit it!


15/09/2011 Lats and Biceps
Chinups: 0x6,x6,x5
a.Kayak Rows: 6 plates x6,x6,x6,x6
b.Db Row: 20kg x10,x10,x10,x10
Pulldowns: 6 plates x10,x10,x10,x10
a.Cable Curl: 4 plates: x10,x10,x10,x10
b.Rope Curl: 4 plates: x10,x10,x10,x10
Metabolic Circuit x2

Hmmm. Odd one. Felt tired by the time I left the gym anyways and well worked. Chinups where AWFUL! Don't know what happened. Was still sore from the last session they were worked and that was only monday so maybe that was it with the frequency I have been training. Exercise selection hasn't been fully decided from there onwards either. Think maybe throw out the circuit due to sprinting a lot. Mix it up with everything else. See what I can come up with and will tweak plan. But yea, got the work done and no doubt i will be hurting tomorrow!


16/09/2011 Upper Body Pressing
Overhead Press: 30x3 35x3 40x3,x3 45x3
Incline Bench Press: 45x3 50x3 52.5x3 55x3 57.5x3
Floor Press: 60x3 65x3,x3 67.5x2
Sumo Deadlift: 60x3 80x3 100x3 110x3,x3 120x3
Assistance Circuit: 2x8
-High Pull: 40
-Face Pull: 5 plates
-Raises: 8's

Ouch! Tweaked my back on 3rd set of High Pulls so called it a day there. Going to rest over the weekend and hit it hard again on Monday rather than doing sprints etc. Not used to the frequency of this work so think pressing suffered. Felt crappy about it in the gym but looking back perhaps it wasn't so bad. Got the sumo's in. Feel it much more in the legs. Which is the aim. Anyways plenty of training done this week need time to recover now and hopefully after a few weeks I will adapt to this. Gym closed on Monday so got a bonus day off. Thinking that sprints are calling me!


Ok a quick update, had a relaxing weekend. Nothing too stressful or taxing trying to recover. Back is still a little sore however so I am going to train tomorrow and just see how it holds up. Fingers crossed though! Looking forward to getting back at it!


20/09/2011 Upper Body

Overhead Press- (30x5)x3 (40x5)x2
Bench Press- (40x5)x3 60x5,x4
Db Bench Press- (12'sx5)x3 (18'sx5)x2

Chinup- (BWx5)x3
Yates Row- (40x5)x3
Preacher Curl- (Barx5)x3

Just easing back into it today after hurting my back. All in all felt good. Will hit it harder next time!


21/09/2011 Lower Body Dynamic Session

Jumps to Box 1" Above Knee:
-BWx3,x3 +10x3,x3 +20x3,x3 +30x3,x3
Extreme Range Split Squat
-BWx10,x10,x10 (each leg)
Glute Ham Raise
Some Oblique Work

Probably the most enjoyable session in a week or so! Really good. Some new exercises in here spiced it up a bit. The explosive jumps where really fun, will experiment a bit with this in the next few weeks, see what works best as an explosive move. Think the introduction of the split squat is good. Showing some stability weaknesses here. Even BW really fried my legs. Glute Ham Raise was surprisingly comfortable until the last set, killed my calves though and felt it foam rolling at the end in my Hamstrings. Sprinting later, just to finish my legs off!


sucks you tweaked your back mate, good luck recovering from that.

jw if you are shooting for a specific goal r/t your sprint times (ie 40 yard dash) or vertical jump?


21/09/2011 Conditioning
40 yard sprints on slight incline x10 with 90 seconds of rest

Wow. What a day of training. 2 weeks ago. This left me destroyed. I walked off today thinking, I could have done more, EASY! Don't get me wrong, I was breathing deep. But I had it in my legs, was ready after 60 seconds most times I reckon. Session nearly acted as a neural charge! Really good days training, can't wait for tomorrow to do it all again.


Thanks for the support mate. Think I will be fully recovered soon! Fingers crossed. And no goals here. Just looking to improve work capacity and explosiveness.


Hope the back is healing up from that set of high pulls!


Thanks man for even reading my log! Yea think after a heck of a lot of attention warming up and cooling down over the last few days on my back foam rolling I think I'm recovered! Its a relief, was worried it was a bit more serious at one stage over the weekend.


yw, keep trying to beat your log