Mr Wendler, a question on females & 5/3/1

Hi Jim

My girls just started 5/3/1, the Simple strength template. Completed her first cycle & now on to her second.

Realised that the 5 & 10lb increases maybe a little too much for her so going to half the increases in future. I dif some googling to see if you’ve covered this anywhere before and found this -

"My wife is an avid lifter and competitor (she used to compete in PL and figure) - she would know more about this than I would. She makes smaller jumps and has different challenges on each cycle (5/3/1 cycle, not monthly cycle). She changes volume and does a lot of conditioning (60 Prowler sprints per week was last challenge…15 hill sprints per day for a month was another).

I tell everyone the same basic thing - use the 5’s progression with LOW TM and use 5’s Jokers (5’s PRO for Beginners). Also, you MUST involve other facets of training for her to be successful."

Can you elaborate a bit more on the last sentence please - “Also, you MUST involve other facets of training for her to be successful” , Not sure how you mean.

Thanks in advance

Other facets that my wife uses in her training:

Conditioning (various kinds)

There might be other things involved but I’m not sure. The point is there is more to her training than just lifting weights. Whether or not this fits into others’ goals, I’m not sure. I don’t meddle in her training other than her bouncing ideas off of me but I do know and she periodizes her training to fit into the seasons and working around my schedule/business and being a mom.

Again, the overall training has to fit the goal. We only focus on performance goals so this type of training/overview is not for everyone. Good luck!

Thanks Jim, appreciate the quick reply & 5/3/1