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Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia?


What's the difference between these two titles?


They have different names, that should get you started.


Mr Universe is one that most people have heard about....like if you see a muscular guy many different people may joke "There's Mr Universe!" but still no one will say "There's Mr Olympia!"


The Mr. Universe is a much smaller title. Before the Mr. Olympia contest was created, each of many different bodybuilding federations were crowning their own 'Mr. Universe' each year. There was no unity within the sport. So the premise Joe Weider came up with was to have one unifying show, where all of the winners of various major titles (Mr. Universes, Mr. Americas, Mr. Worlds...) could go against each other for the title of best bodybuilder in the world.



Pretty much sums it up.

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Ooooooh, Ok. thanks guys