Mr. Shugart

Come on! Tim gave you a great chance to totally rip into him and you did not. I know it’s tough when he’s writing the checks though. Anyways thanks for sticking up for the Nation members. We need to know, getting my shipment today, more about these new supps and how to use them correctly. TC did a little writing under the product info thread, but we need more. Obviously they are different than the old supps, so obviously we need to know how and why. The new site is great. I think the Nation will continue to grow and prosper. Just get some info on here about red bands and alpha male and I know I along with others will greatly appreciate it.

I am no expert on these new supps. by any means, but I am under the impression that they really cant tell us much more than the suggested daily doses and such.

I think the real info. will come from all of us reporting in our results from using/experimenting with these new products.

I am with you though man. I cant wait to hear results of the Alpha Male and Red Bands.