Mr Shugart would you help me please

What would be the best dosing protocall using androsol for strength gains my diet is in check my trianing is sound and my sleep is good i just need help on this one thing.

Not to be natsy here but you need help with your spellign n punctuition to you know what i mean its rilly hard to even figger out what the hek yur trying to say in yur post sorry to b such n asshole.

Are you peaking for a certain event or just looking for general strength gains? With all the experimental dosing protocols out there for Androsol and Nandrosol (and combinations thereof), I prefer to go full on with 70 sprays twice per day with either product, for two weeks. Then take four weeks off and use 8 caps of Tribex the whole time. Then, right back on another Androsol cycle. I like being “on” something at all times.

I believe that T-mag has said that Nandrosol is better for strength gains, while Androsol is better for mass.

You are right, I appologize for my bad punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Mr Shugart I was just wanting to use it for general strength gains. Thank you all for your reply.