Mr. Roberts & Patterson

Two questions for you gentlemen (and anybody else who would care to weigh in).

  1. Has anyone heard anything meaningful about this Humanovar stuff from Gen? I just spent 2 hours looking for some sort of reseach info, and could only find regurgitations of the promotional brochure. I work at a GNC, and I’ve got tons of people asking about it.
  2. Would stacking Tribex 500, M, and Methoxy be a suitable replacement for clomid when coming off of a cycle?
    Thanks in advance!

I’m sorry, but I don’t know anything about Humanovar other than what the seller claims.

Tribex plus Vitex has proven (informally, not
scientifically) equal to Clomid for recovery, so the stack you mention should do fine.

To answer your first question I to have done research on GEN’s Humanovar, but found nothing on it. I however would not recommend a product I know nothing about! To answer your second question stacking Tribex 500, M and Methoxy will not take the place of clomid or other anti- estrogen compound. A better cycle would be to stack Tribex 500, clomid for the last 2 weeks coming off your cycle. But it depends on the drugs your using in you cycle.

Didn’t one of the reports a few issues back on the symposium in Toronto comment on Humanovar. I seem to remember one of the articles alluding to one speaker who claimed it was the real deal. In fact, I know I heard it somewhere because I was surprised at how affordable Humanovar was. It’s no Mag-10, though…

I have heard that Dr Serrano reccomends humanovar , but the kicker is you need 6 tabs on an empty stomach, first thing in the morn. He said he’s seen gains of 2-3 lbs LBM a week. Just stating what I have read , as I have no personal experience with the product. Hope this helps, Mike

As I recall, Serrano said some of his clients have seen 2-3 pound gains overall using humanovar, not per week.

I’ve used HumanoVar and seen increased libido and even some minor voice changes (like my androgen levels have increased). I’ve just taken the recommended dose of 1 in the AM, 1 in the PM. As far as lean body gains/etc I would doubt this will do wonders but may be a helpful supp after a cycle of androgens (combined with Vitex/M & Tribex)…

In my Alternative Pharmacist column a few issues back (column 2) I reviewed briefly this supplement and the research (not published in a peer-reviewed journal) and it is bunk. The power of placebo is working for Miami Mike unless the product is being spiked with something else.

I tried Humanovar some time ago before I’d ever heard of Biotest, though I didn’t notice any difference in any way. I won’t be doing it again.