Mr.Roberts Clomid Recommendations

Hey Guys. Can someone please tell me Mr. Roberts Clomid therapy recommendations? I know that has been coverd awfully many times,but my computer I wont reload the site.
As far as I remember I should take clomid
300mg on day 1… but how to continue and for how long?? My cycle was Deca/sus 400mg/500mg for 8 weeks.Thanks for your help

Mickey: The following is from a Bill Roberts forum post dated 10-Apr-2001 – "Clomid does not need to be over 50 mg/day for recovery purposes (if using a lot of aromatizing steroids, 100 mg may be preferred for stronger anti-gyno action.) However, this can’t be achieved well by simply taking 50 mg/day, because the drug has a long half-life. Once steady-state has been reached – the level you want – you won’t have in your system just the 50 mg you took that day but about another 250 mg left over from previous days. So to get it working right away, instead of waiting weeks for the level to build up, one takes 300 mg on day 1, in six doses of 50 mg.

During the cycle, unless the cycle is very mild, e.g. 400 mg/week Primo, androgens shut down LH production anyway so Clomid does not maintain LH production. It might be used for an antigyno agent, or to help keep the blood lipid profile good. After the cycle is over, it should be used until natural testosterone production definitely seems to be back, and then another 2 weeks for good measure if the Clomid is available. This will often be 4 weeks total."