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Mr. Roberts-Androsol/Nandrosol Stack

Mr. Roberts, a while back I remember a fellow T-man asking the proper way to use an Androsol/Nandrosol stack, as it pertains to applying them. Andro in the Morning, Nandro at night? What gives on that? Also, do you believe this stack to be beneficial to a 21 yr old, 4 yrs in, with already sound diet, recovery time, sleep, etc? Or is my body theoretically producing adequate amounts? Any help will be much appreciated.

Just bumping this up, I’d like to know as well. How important is Tribex for fellows of our age doing a cycle like this?

So far as whether one alternates using Androsol at one time of day, and Nandrosol at the other; or applies 35 sprays of each each time, there probably is relatively little difference between them. Personally I’d prefer the approach of being consistent: if a blend is the best thing for you, then have that blend all the time – if one compound alone is best for you, then do that all the time.

Sure, the topical prohormones can be beneficial to your muscle gain. It isn’t the case that men of your age (or 18 year olds for that matter) produce more testosterone than men in their mid 20s. You would see the same benefit. I’d certainly make a point (as with anyone) to make training very productive in the off weeks as well.

I really don’t know the answer to the Tribex question, though. Just haven’t looked into it. So far as I know there is not a difference between men in their early 20s and anyone else, but I don’t actually know that there isn’t.

Mr. Roberts, do you recommend spraying Andro say on the upper half, Nandro on the lower half, when used together so as to prevent overspray? Kinda confused on this and really want to make my cycle as efficient as possible.

Dividing it up that way is an excellent approach.