Mr. Roberts and Mr. Strasser

Could you guys give me your opinions on GH cycles? Doses, length, etc.

Useful both when bulking and cutting, when “on” steroids and when “off,” so cycling is not really an issue except that most believe you should take a day or two off every week.

Dosage is 1 IU for typical hormone replacement therapy, 2 IU for a kind of minimal yet useful bodybuilding dose, 4 IU for a more effective bodybuilding dose that will get some people into trouble with joint pain and numbness (2 IU can do that too) and some people can tolerate much more than 4 IU. It is highly variable according to the individual.

Mr. Roberts, I should have told you my intentions. I about to begin a fat loss period when I will lose as much fat as possible while keeping the amount of muscle I need muscle. I am using cytomel, androsol, and primo. I read in one of your columns that cytomel should be used in 2 week on-1 week off cycles. In the one week off I will use androsol and primo. I plan to do this for about 5 cycles. Could you tell me if there are any holes in my plans?

I know that the guy who owns the gym where I train was using 16iu(which is the amount a baby produces daily I believe) on training days in preparation for his competition, obviously he is a big guy though and prepared to take risks. As Bill said, I have been told that 4iu is the dosage necessary for any decent results. Bill, I cannot remember whether the guy said to take it in a single dosage in the morning or is it better to split the intake through the day??

The issue of whether to divide the dose of GH, or to take one injection per day, seems to be pretty much “six of one, half a dozen of the other.” It doesn’t seem that you can tell the difference as to which gives better results… one way might be better, but if so it’s too small for you to be sure.

Pfp, the thing I was talking about with dieting cycles like 2 weeks dieting, 1 week maintenance calories (and adding muscle if on steroids) really didn’t have to do with the safety of using very-moderate-dose T3 for more than 2 weeks at a time. Rather, it had to do with, you wind up losing fat at essentially the same speed this way, and preserve muscle better, and don’t go out of your mind with months of endless dieting! :slight_smile:

Note, if someone uses high dose drugs including high dose T3, then fat is lost faster by not having these maintenance weeks, just keeping on dieting, because there you’re essentially forcing the body into fat losing rather than
having to try to persuade it (and if it’s just persuasion, that tends to get a lot less effective after a while if there’s no return to normal maintenance.)

Without supplemental T3 this type of cycling is even more beneficial, since the maintenance weeks will get your thyroid back up.

Or if you are planning on dieting a really long time, many
many months, it’s probably a good idea to cycle the T3 even
if it’s always low dose.

But if it’s moderate term and only 12.5 mcg, and you do get some maintenance calorie weeks in there, you can keep using T3 for months without worry I believe. At higher dose, expect a fat rebound when you finally quit the T3, as your atrophied thyroid gland won’t be putting out as much as your body needs, not for a while anyway.