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Mr. Program Hopper


I’ve had great success with my wife, making her some Cross Fit style WOD’s.
We do have a cross trainer in the home gym, so I’m using that as well.
Have her do a warmup with lots of mobility work and moving around. Something like 20 - 30 minutes. With something to bring the heartbeat up. Make it simple and easy to do.
Then make up some WOD’s that’ll take about 10 - 15 minutes some a bit shorter some a bit longer.
It could be 5 push up, 5 DB row, 5 DB press, 5 burpees and 10 rounds.
Our house has 2 stairways so it could be hiptrusters, plank, lat raise, 1 x from basement to 1’st floor and back for 5 - 7 rounds.

It’s just your imagination that sets the limit.
Have her time the WOD, and write it down when finished. A time to beat.
Make her 2 or 3 for a start. Then every 5 days or so make up a new one, give them some fancy names.
Do it every other day for the first week, second week 2 days on 1 day off.

Track her food with fitness pal or similar, she should weigh herself every morning and track it too.
Remember every weightloss is done in the kitchen. NOT the gym.
Watch Alan Thralls video how to avoid dad bod… ditch the and’s and eat an apple not a pizza.

The last piece of advice would be take her out for walks, long walks. Not necessarily fast walks, a nice stroll were you’re talking and laughing is great.

She must do something she likes, that she finds is fun and something she would do because she finds she can do it.
After the wedding you could introduce some serious lifting, but for starters it should be something fun and challenging and 5x5 is not.

Have fun Nutty


That’s correct re: Jackson. Average RT in the blocks (wired with pressure sensor) is .145


Haha thanks man, but I have a feeling I’m holding significantly more fat than ripped nutty here!

Get on my level!


Thanks for all the input man! I think the WOD approach is a great idea!


My wife thinks it’s great fun. She has a f’cked up hip and knee now. So she can’t really train.
But when she did, she could go and pick a workout and just hammer it, and every now and then she came up almost yelling YEAH PR. The first several times it was a pr, of course.
And if she had a pause she could go right back into one of them.


God damn those some thick ass bones haha! If you have bones that thick, might not be a great swimmer, but it’s great for heavy ass lifting lol.


Great man! That’s the approach I’m looking for! I want to make sure it’s fun for her. Lifting is not super fun for me, but I do it out of necessity. It’s a great outlet though to let out this anger lol.


Do you have a boxing bag, you could put up a picture of you on it :slight_smile:
My wife haven’t tried it, but maybe it could be fun.


Funny you mention this, I am a terrible swimmer. It takes everything I have to keep my damn head above water. I sink like a rock, even in the ocean…


Haha, my bone density theory is true!!! Even in olympic lifting the elite guys all have thick ass bones even though their like 5’4. Probably explains why I can do flips and swim well, light bone structure. I know with lifting I have a limit before my body will break down quick lol.


Shit forgot to post today’s workout lol.

OH PRESS (ss: NG Chin-Ups - 5x12)

BENCH PRESS (ss: BB ROW - 265 @ 5x8)



What does your wife have against isdatnutty?




Was cleaning the garage, so decided to get in another session since we snowed in here in Denver. Big ass blizzard came through today.


30 reps of 225 is no joke. Even with my conditioning I was sucking wind from reps 18-30! Once I got to 20, I was like fuck it, let’s get 30. Not bad after doing almost 100 reps of back work today!

My wife said “Sometimes I think you love squatting more than you love me!” Haha, had myself a good laugh!

But this led me to think of something. If I literally didn’t train for 3 months straight, I wonder how much strength or muscle I would lose?


I lost a lot from October to January not training, but it was also exacerbated by crappy eating. Of course, you’re a lot younger than I am, so you may hold onto muscle better. Stop by my log and look at the picture of my back from October, compared to my January 1st picture at the beginning of the transformation2019 challenge, if you want to see something depressing.


Did lots of warm up sets. Today was just to get my body loose. Feeling REALLY sore for lifting twice heavy yesterday.

Lately I’ve been really loving music like this. I don’t know what the genre is, but it’s great!


Gave my employees the rest of the week off because we’ve had a killer month. They’ve pushed hard for the past few weeks, so I knew it was time to let off for a bit.

It’s crazy how lifting directly correlates to the the real world. You have to work in waves so you don’t burn out and can keep improving day in and day out. I take that same approach to monitoring my employees and so far it’s worked out well.

Went on a YouTube binge again lol. Will have to take a break soon. But few gold videos:



BACK SQUAT (ss: Hanging Leg Raises)
445x3 (PR!)


SPRINTS (50 yards)
10 @ 80%

Hit a new Squat PR! But 445 felt really heavy for how many reps I can do at 405. My legs are definitely strong enough to handle it but I need more strength in my core and upper back. Since I’ve been doing more of 4 day upper/lower I think I’ll add in some heavier ab variations, good mornings, and drop the volume with pull-ups and really hit some heavy rows. I’ll squat 3x a week, but the 2nd day will be heavy low rep front squats. Get that upper back STRONG! I think I can get to 500x3 by end of this year for sure. Maybe a little longer, but that’s ok. I’ll stay beltless like I have for all these years. All I wear is shorts and my Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes.

My log should be home by the time I get back. Excited to try those viper presses this weekend!


Talk about inspiration!


That’s my goal too… life time of lifting in my future.