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Mr. Program Hopper


Shit nice rows


Gotta keep that back and grip strong man!

DEADLIFT (ss: Mobility)
465x2+3 (straps on last 3)

CABLE ROWS (ss: Push Ups, Curls)
Whole stack @ 3x15

Did something similar to this since I had a training partner today. This shit is no joke!


FRONT SQUAT (ss: Mobility)

100 each

315 x 50 yards
315 x 50 yards
315 x 50 yards

Hands were SHOT after this workout. No rows for me tomorrow lol. On a side note, shoulder is getting better. Push Ups have minimal pain.


@twojarslave Hey man, can I get your meat loaf recipe? I’ve never made meatloaf in my life. But having something like that would be great for me. Thanks!


You bet.

For the meat, I usually go with as good of quality as I can find, usually grass-fed beef but no big deal if just regular supermarket stuff. I’ll sometimes put ground bison in instead of beef if it is on sale, but it will be “dryer” because of the leaner meat. Ground veal can work fine too, either as a pork or beef substitute, but I always go with at least one pound of beef. You can throw a few egg yolks in as well to add fat if you like. But below is how I normally do it

2 pounds 85/15 ground beef
1 pound ground pork.
2 large eggs
1 and 1/2 cups of oatmeal. Bread or bread crumbs can work fine here too, but oatmeal is better nutrition.

That’s what I consider the “base” of the meatloaf. Seasonings I change up all the time. If you want really easy just add a packet of Lipton’s beef and onion soup mix or onion soup mix. It’s the cheap dry powder stuff usually by the gravy section. Hit it with as much salt and pepper as you think you need, mix it up and off you go.

For a little bit smokier flavor I’ll go with a few teaspoons of hot smoked paprika.

A few splashes of worchester sauce or liquid aminos can add some umami.

I’ll usually put some garlic powder in there, maybe a few teaspoons (I don’t measure much, just eyeball). Fresh garlic can work well too. A few cloves crushed up.

Onion powder can work well, so can can dicing up onions as big or small as you like.

You can throw diced green peppers or red peppers in there too. I usually don’t but I have before.

If you think your meatloaf is coming out dry, you can chop up bits of bacon and mix that in too, or add more egg yolk or go with fattier meats.

It’s really all about what flavors you want to impart and how fatty/juicy you want it to be. I tend to like beefy/onion/garlic, but it’s pretty hard to mess up unless you over-season it.

Once you’ve got your “base” and whatever else you want to throw in to the loaf selected, just mix it up in a big old bowl. I just use my hands and mush it around until everything is evenly incorporated. A mixer would get the job done fine too I’m sure.

Once it is all mixed together I put it on a baking sheet and shape it into a loaf, about the same size as a large loaf of bread. Some people prefer to bake it in a pan, but I like a crust on the entire outside of my meatloaf.

Bake at 350 for one hour. If your loaf is thicker or thinner you may need to adjust by 5 min or so. If you plan on slicing it and grilling the slices on a cast iron pan, it doesn’t hurt to undercook the meatloaf just a little, like maybe 5 min or so and a little bit red in the center.

Another tip for slicing is to let the loaf completely cool in the refrigerator. Slice it when chilled with a very sharp knife to get an even surface that will brown up nicely in a cast iron pan or something similar. If you slice it while it’s hot it will be chunky and won’t grill up so nice later on.

Meatloaf is really a great way to make up a bunch of protein and once you get the basic idea down it is easy to play around to suit your preferences and pretty hard to mess up. I’ve made a lot of other, more elaborate meatloafs off of sites like America’s Test Kitchen, but they are generally a big pain in the ass. This takes me like 5 minutes to prep, which is why I always go back to it.

I like to grill up slices with red onion, a little bit of cheddar and some barbeque sauce or ketchup. Great for sandwiches or just like that if you’re keeping carbs low. Sometimes I’ll make up a nice onion mushroom gravy to go along with it. It’s just a really versatile, cheap and easy meal.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!


Oh and a few more things. Dont’ add more onion powder if you’re going with the soup mix method unless you really think it needs more onion flavor.

This would also be killer on a Big Green Egg. I never pulled the trigger on that this year, but I probably will next year.


Thanks man, I appreciate the detailed write up!

What type of oatmeal do you use? Do you cook it before? I only have steel cut, so before making it want to make sure I don’t fuck it up lol.


Just regular dry oatmeal with the pilgrim on it, straight out of the tube. It soaks up the fat from the meat as it cooks, so no need to cook ahead of time. Makes prep really easy.

I don’t see why steel cut wouldn’t work but I’ve never used it.


Oatmeal is also something you can add more or less of, depending on what you like. Like I said, really hard to mess it up. Play around and see what you like.


Sounds good man! I’m going to try this on Sunday for my meal prep!


POWER CLEAN (ss: Mobility)
285x3 (PR!)
315xFAIL lol
245 @ 4x2

T-BAR ROW (ss: Lunges, Abs)
Filled the thing with 25’s @ 4x12

6 sprints @ probably 90%.

A few people stopped to watch me power clean once I put 285+ on lol. I only know this because at the gym the platforms face a mirror. Then after my power clean session I had a group of 2 kids and one adult come talk to me to ask me how someone on the smaller side can put up that much weight. I told them my secret : steak burritos, spinach and lift heavy lol.


Eatin’ thick and liftin’ heavy! Also, just a general reminder that I am always impressed (and jealous) of your strength feats.


I honestly don’t think I eat more than 3000 calories in a day. But I think just the consistency of eating well (mostly) and lifting heavy and hard day in and day out has helped. I just looked up what i ate yesterday and I ate 2632 cals lol.

Thanks man! But no feats here at all.

I’m just an average guy that decided to:

  1. Not overthink
  2. Keep it simple as fuck
  3. Lift heavy and often
  4. Run a bit, stretch a bit
  5. Eat well
  6. And do that for a prolonged period of time.
  7. Be aggressive when lifting

It’s funny because my first 3 years of training I did 5x5 and got nowhere at all. I was still only squatting 185 benching 155 and all of that.

But my last 3 years of training I’ve basically have still done 5x5 mostly but obviously have gotten to where I am now lol.

Lifting is EASY, it’s your mind that’s difficult to master!


Strong lifting in here!!


Per hand??


What the hell!! You’re a beast


Thanks man!

Fuck no lol. I’m not a mutant. It’s more of frame carry (trap bar) with 315 on it.

Lol, thanks man. Just explosiveness!


I wouldnt have been surprised if it was per hand haha.

Share with me some of that! I need it lol


Do a lot of jumps (especially broad jumps) and explosive front squats. If you can front squat it for 3-5 you should be able to clean it (with practice)!


BACK SQUAT (ss: Ab Wheel - 5x15)

15 min AMRAP
5 - pistol squats
5 - broad jumps
10 - push ups