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Cool man, thanks for that!

So in your example with Pendley rows, you end up doing 7 sets instead of the planned 5 for that day. Since they are supersetted with a bench or something, are you then doing 2 more sets for bench? Or are you just doing the additional 2 sets of rows by themselves? Still resting 60 ish seconds between them, or just trying to get the last 10 reps as fast as possible?


Mine is actually very rational and understands that we’re both human. 3somes are never going to happen with her, but I’m totally okay with that since she’s just that awesome. Of course, at my advanced age, I doubt I could do a 3some justice anyway…

It also helps that in our teens and 20’s we were best friends, and acted as each others’ wingman/bodyguard/excuse to get out of a bad situation on many occasions.


Basically that man, I don’t do any more sets of bench, but I’ll try to get those last 10 reps as quick as possible. It’s not exactly rest pause training, but that’s the pace I try to go at.


BACK SQUAT (ss: Ab Wheel - 5x15)

OH PRESS (ss: BB Row - 5x10 @ 245)

RDL (ss: Dips - 5x15, Band Pull Aparts - 100)

~200lbs x 50 feet
~200lbs x 50 feet
~200lbs x 50 feet



I won’t be logging my workouts online for a while. For the last 3 years, I’ve read a lot of training articles and have spent a lot of time on T-Nation and other various websites (elitefts, jts, barbend, etc.). I need a mental break from reading and viewing anything related to training, workout, nutrition, etc.

Since my career is deeply technology based, I want to disconnect from it when it doesn’t have anything to do with my business. I feel like I’m on a laptop around the clock (that’s on me for deciding to run an MSP). This will just give me more time back with my wife and doing other things I love.

This doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop training. I just won’t be active on T-Nation for quite some time. How long? That I don’t know.

I’ll be back when the time is right. But I want to thank all of you for following along for all this time and thank you to everyone that helped me get STRONG! I love this community and how it can impact peoples lives. I don’t think you guys will ever know how truly grateful I am for stumbling upon this forum years ago. It got me to a point physically and mentally that I never knew was possible for me.

To anyone that stumbles upon this log. Use me as the prime example as someone that program hopped, was ADD about all the details, and took 1 year to figure it out before I decided to listen to what people on this forum said and I just put my head down and work. Nothing beats consistency and hard work. Absolutely nothing. Every healthy male can get to a 405 squat. Every healthy male can get to a BW strict OH Press. Every healthy male can deadlift 405 for reps. All you gotta do is not miss days in the gym, try to get 1% better each workout, eat good quality foods, and go on a fucking run once in a while. It is honestly just that simple.

For everyone that has been following

KEEP TRAINING and making those gains! Keep pushing and don’t stop!

When I return the ones playing catch up better be stronger than me.
The ones that are already stronger than me better be winning competitions or have added another 100lbs to their lifts!




You’ll be missed dude. Until next time.


Enjoy the break man. All the best.


See you when you get back man


Over/Under on Nutty having a 525lb squat when he gets back, ha! I’ve got the Over.


Good luck Nutty, Will be watching ANW waiting for you yelling “IsDatNutty”.


Very well said, take care man.


Came back for 5 minutes to pay my condolences for Charles Poliquin.

Might as well post today’s workout.

OVERHEAD PRESS (ss: Chin-Ups - 5x15, Face Pulls - 100)

45 minutes

Training is going really well. I use a really bare bones approach to lifting with a ton of focus being on the obstacle course. The obstacle training has made me overall even stronger. Miss you all. Will be back online in a few months if anything. Keep them gains coming!


I just wanted to say I designed a HFT program for my cousin 6 months ago and I saw him in person yesterday. He’s had AWESOME results. I was shocked when I saw him. I thought he just wasnt’ working out (not really on social media). I’ll post pics when I can. But I figured maybe some of you would be interested in it!

His goal was to lift 5 days a week and build the habit. I didn’t give him any sets or reps, but the bold exercises were the “focus” exercises of the day. He gave me a big hug and told me he’s never been more confident and has never physically felt better.

Front Squat
Bench Press
BB Row

OH Press
Split Squats/Back Ext/Curls/Face Pulls

Back Squat
Trap Bar Deadlift
Dips/DB Rows/Condition/Abs

Incline Bench Press
Lunge/Back Ext/Curls/Face Pulls

Front Squat
BB Row/Push Ups/Condition/Abs

He has gone from a skinny 132lb to 157lbs and looks solid (even for that weight). The HFT has treated him well! Told me he loves doing giant sets and having the lunges/split squats the days between the squats to really stretch out the hip flexors.

He finally got a girlfriend, so I am really happy for him! I think HFT will be running theme for my family lol.


Might as well post today’s training.

BACK SQUAT (Ab Wheel - 5x15, KB Swings - 5x10)

45 minutes of focus on salmon ladder and balance training (running on skinny poles basically)


OUT OF COMMISSION with the ninja warrior training for a bit.

I tweaked for my left shoulder 2 weeks ago (Workout was based around Bench Press & Pull-Ups).

I have a feeling I did something during pull-ups vs the actual bench press but I’m unsure. My left shoulder has been a bit tender since that workout, but I just gave it some rest. Thought it was just a tweak.

Yesterday I tried to OHP. I was warming up with the barbell and everything felt fine. My warmups usually go 95x6, 115x5, 135x3, then move onto work sets. 95lbs hurt my left shoulder TREMENDOUSLY. I couldn’t even get to 3 reps and I decided to stop and call it a day. Since I’ve started lifting I’ve never felt pain in my shoulders at all. Yesterday was the first time in my life.

I can do squats (back/front), deadlifts(and all variations), and I can row without any pain. But doing any sort of press (even push ups) and chin-ups hurts TOO MUCH.

I looked online and did a few of those tests and based on those tests it seems that I have a shoulder impingement. I am more of an “overhead athlete” and overall my mobility is fine, but I think my lats are a bit tight compared to everything else. My right arm can raise (like a front raise) to the side of my ear without my ribs flaring. My left arm can only raise until neck height until I have really bad pain in my shoulder.

I don’t know if it’s a frozen shoulder or impingement. It hurts even when I try to reach back to my wallet.

The Hawkins test - I did this and my right arm can reach across and elbow can go up high with no pain at all. My left arm however hurts to reach across and can barely raise it 2 inches before it starts hurting like hell!

BASED ON THIS. My plan is to do a shit ton of mobility work for my lats, triceps, shoulders, pecs, traps and really hammer my range of motion.


My right shoulder feels just fine though. Should I just do a lot of front/side/rear raises, tricep push downs, to keep the triceps and shoulders somewhat strong? Should I do one hand DB Presses for my right arm and just do the other stuff for my left arm until its healed up?

I have no problem putting all my focus towards back squats, front squats, deadlifts, and rows for the time being.

This is my first BIG injury, so I’m a bit lost on how to work around it.

Any advice would be appreciated fellas!


My advice is to seek medical attention. I know that we all have a tendency, with so much information available to us via internet, to self diagnosis and fix ourselves with youtube videos. But if you have the money to spend, I’d do this the right way. See a Dr, get a referral to a specialist if necessary, get physical therapy. Do everything you can to MAKE sure this doesn’t linger. You don’t want this to become a long term issue just because you thought you were able to fix it yourself.


Thanks man. I know this is the smart thing to do. The lifter in me is saying “I want to keep pressing somehow even though my shoulder hurts”, but I know for my bodily health I have to go see one.

Guess this is the perfect time to just maintain my squat, deadlift, and row strength and really push on the conditioning/running.

I’m just “scared” that the doctor will say something along the lines of “We’ll guess you are going to have to drop all pressing and chin-ups for the next 6 months” and I’ll have to build back up again.

But I guess that’s better than a lifetime of pain in my left shoulder for sure! Thanks man!


Find a Dr or at least a therapist that works with athletes. I’ve had to have therapy a couple times, once on my shoulder. Both times I worked with a PT who respected my athletic career. Doctors tend to be overly cautious and have to give blanket suggestions. PT’s will be more helpful.


Listen to Flip man.

Find a specialist anything else “is dat nutty” right.
Better be out for 6 month than for a lifetime. You’ve tried to fix it for a fortnight it need attention.


I saw a doctor yesterday.

It’s a confirmed impingement in my left shoulder. Doc thinks it’s due to the amount of stress overall (lifting + ninja warrior training + high frequency) and the tightness in my shoulders/lats that caused it.

He use to train years and years ago for the “Ironman Triathlon” in Boulder, so he gave me some basic advice athlete to athlete.

I am going to test a few presses (neutral db pressing, CGBP, floor press, push ups, etc) to see if I can do any of that with no pain at all. Not trying to push heavy weight here, but just something I can do for like 4x8 that I can keep in my rotation until my shoulder fully heals up.

I have a list of rotator cuff exercises to do and will be doing for both shoulders and will be doing hot yoga every other day (modify any pose that hurts) to speed up recovery. His advice was not to just train one arm, because with the tightness I have, it’s only a matter a time before it affects the other shoulder.

Because of the type of impingement I have, squats and deadlifts are ok (as long as they don’t hurt), but all overhead work is out for right now. If pressing hurts, I will not pressing for some time. MINIMUM of 6 weeks.

So this a good time to REALLY focus on squats, deadlifts, and rows and conditioning in terms of lifting/training. Pullups and chinups are out of commission right now as well.