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I’m sure this is just something you’re leaving unsaid, but one thing we focus on here (I work in a nuclear power plant) when a mistake is made, however inconsequential, is what we can learn from it to try to prevent the same mistake going forward. The important thing is to focus on it as a learning opportunity, not in a punitive fashion, and that’s where a lot of leaders drop the ball.

Of course, in a nuclear power plant, the consequences of a mistake can be fairly catastrophic, so we look at things through an entirely different lens than the rest of the world…


I agree with this so much! I always tell my employees don’t say things just to say them. If you say it, you have to stick to your word and do it. I’d rather them tell me they can’t do something then just say they can for the sake of saying it.

100% agree with that! I always try to do the right thing.

I agree, I look at mistakes at learning as opportunities. But sometimes a BIG mistake is no good lol. Damn that’s crazy though. What do you do at the plant? My friends dad works at the nuke plant in Richmond, WA (Tricities area). Always hear crazy stories from him about working there.

I’ve never understood, but what do these plants actually do?


Yes on both fronts. Learn from mistakes for sure and do our best not to repeat them!


I have a couple of friends who work up there in the Tricities area at the Hanford site. I’m a maintenance supervisor, and I also do procurement for the plant’s maintenance department. I agree that big mistakes are no bueno no matter where you are, but the non-punitive thing is extra-important in this industry because you don’t want to build a culture that incentivizes NOT reporting mistakes because you’re afraid of the consequences. Of course there is accountability and consequences, but we are very careful about the culture we promote.

As far as what we do, we make power the same way a coal plant does, by boiling water and using the steam to turn a turbine that turns a big generator. It’s just that we have a big hot nuclear rock that makes the heat instead of burning train cars full of coal. For easy reference, 1 Kg of nuclear fuel puts out as much power as burning ~14 metric tons of coal. Amazing, but also very scary if it’s not managed correctly, so we obviously put a great deal of effort into managing it correctly.


Awesome man! Yeah I meant Hanford, my friend’s family lives in Richmond. Man that must be a scary job! I can’t imagine working at a place like that. That’s awesome though man, must keep you on your toes!



30 Min AMRAP

5 - Hang Clean @ 155lbs
10 - Jumping Lunge
12 - Push Ups

I don’t know how many rounds I did, but I was DONE at the end of this WOD. I literally laid there for a 10 minutes. The trainer at the 24 hour fitness came to ask if I was ok. I think I pushed a bit too hard today lol.

I think I have to save my grip for the obstacle course. My forearms are FRIED. 155lb hang clean is easy as shit. But when you do it like 70x it leaves your hands and forearms on FIRE!


Hey man, been jumping around your log the past couple days. Made some good progress! Questions for you.

For your ss exercises and assistance exercises, in this post the Pendley rows, are you keepin the weight the same for all sets or dropping weight as you fatigue? You ever not getting the 5x8 or 5x10 or whatever rep scheme you’re putting down here?

Also, for your first lift and your ss lifts are your first couple sets “easy” in the sense that you could hit a couple more reps if you wanted to? I know you typically aim for 5x5, then 5x6, then 5x7, 5x8 so I would imagine if you’re hitting 4x5 and 1x3 one week those first couple sets are hard but still a couple reps left in you?

How do you manage to ss so much and not have another gym user come take over your equipment? Just not that busy in the AM?

Side note: for years when I saw your name i thought it was “its dat natty” and didn’t realize I was wrong until I saw someone reference the nutty part of your name. Literally years.


Thanks man! Just staying consistent. Good to have you on board, you can ask away!

I’m a straight set type person for my work sets. It works for my personality. I don’t really fatigue as the sets go on because I’ve been doing this type of programming for so long now that my body is completely adjusted.

I do usually get it but there are times that i don’t. For example lets say I decide to do pendlay rows for 225lb @ 5x10. Sometimes my sets might look like this:

225x10, 225x10, 225x10, 225x7, 225x3, 225x6, 225x4

I get my 50 reps in, but I work until I can get to 5x10 at that particular weight a few times (maybe for weeks) before I up the weight.

This one is hard to answer since I do straight sets. So for example lets say I I’m going to do a goal of 405 @ 5x5 for Back squats. This is what it’ll look like:

135x10, 185x3, 225x5, 275x3, 315x3, 365x3, 385x2, 405x5, 405x5, 405x5, 405x2, 405x2

I would say I’m pushing my intensity. The first 2 sets of 405 are REALLY explosive. But reps 3-5 for the other sets are not grinders but bar speed definitely slows down.

The AM or late at night are not busy, but the gym is set up in a way where I can superset pretty well. In front of the benches are the chin-ups bars and cable stations. The DBs are right behind that as well.

When I do super set Overhead press and bb rows I just grab another barbell. There’s 2-3 extra ones at the 24 so no one is missing one from a bench or squat rack. I couldn’t superset squat and bench or something like that though.

But I adjust depending on the situation. I superset what I can, but I always SS no matter what.

Haha yeah man. Its Dat Nutty is actually a phrase that me and some friends use to say back in college. We use to play MW3 and me and a friend were expert snipers in the game. And we’d always have a like a 32:4 kill to death ratio and so every time we’d shoot someone and snipe them we’d be like “Oooh That’s Nutty!” because we’d have kill streaks of like 15+ lol.



With my focus now shifting to American Ninja Warrior training, I’ve noticed after the last few times working out that my split will have to change as well. I’m too tired and I don’t eat enough to handle all the conditioning and heavy lifting I am doing. Checked my weight and I’m down to 173!!! I’ll be going back to a full body split so I can train ANW 4 days a week and lift 3x a week. I’ll go back to sort of what I was doing, but I’ll do it a bit differently. I’ll take my inspiration from this article:

I’m also going to use Coach @Christian_Thibaudeau advice he gave me and add some strongman stuff. So at the end of each session I’ll do one event. Luckily my 24 hour fitness has a log, farmers handles, prowler, and I have a sandbag so I’ll have to get creative.

Back Squat
OH Press
BB Row
Strongman Event

Incline Bench Press
Front Squat
Strongman Event

Back Squat
OH Press
BB Row
Strongman Event

American Ninja Warrior Training

I think I’ll use a 5/3/1 template so I can still hit some PRs.

For those of you that have the Forever book, which of the templates do you think I should use for the different lifts?


90 minute

This was much needed!!!


When i see this i imagine Hot chicks doing yoga :joy:


There’s a lot of hot women in the yoga studio me and my wife go to. I try not to look, but I’m human!


Late to this party, but…

I’ll second the recommendation to start at 150 and then go to 200.


I’m pretty lucky, my wife notices them and points them out to me sometimes!


My wife does the same thing, but sometimes I think it’s a test haha!


Going to LA for the weekend, so last gym workout before Monday starts my new adventure!

BACK SQUAT (ss: Ab Wheel - 5x20)

OH PRESS (ss: Pull-Ups - 5x12)

RDL (ss: Dips - 3x25)

8 Rounds

Keg carry - 50 feet
Sandbag floor to shoulder x 5
Push Prowler - 50 feet
Back Flip to Front Flip x1
Sprint to Keg
10 Push Ups

Rest 1 min and go through hell again.


it is.


Lol, that’s what I always tell her. She’s like “Did you see the girl with the yellow top? What do you think of her?”

I always respond “What yellow top, all I see you is you baby” lol. She know’s I’m lying, but I’ll never admit to that lol.


There are definitely relationships where that’s not a trap. The way I see it is, unless you and your partner are actually engaging in 3somes on a regular basis, and picking up 3rd’s, then it’s probably a trap.

I had a few 3somes with my ex wife, and each time it came up, I was skeptical. I remember one time, she was chatting with a girl at a bar, and then came to me and said ‘can we take her home?’ and I said yea, sure, where does she live? I don’t mind if it’s on the way. And she was like ‘no. OUR home.’ So that was fun. But it was always a guessing game for me, lol. I made sure she was VERY specific with her intentions before I was willing to say anything that could otherwise get me in trouble.


Alternative advice: act indignant about them.

“Yeah, geez, can you believe she wore that in public? This isn’t a strip club.”