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Ha, I thought my log was so boring it would go completely unnoticed. But FWIW I have edited a few of those hundreds of posts for typos. Never changed the title, though.


You can do backflips??? What can’t you do!?!>!11!!@#


Haha I’ve been able to do back flips, front flips, aerials (cartwheel with no hands) and wall flips since I was a kid though. I use to tell my parents “When I grow up I’m gonna be a ninja” so I played and did shit accordingly haha. I honestly don’t look at it as anything special. I can teach someone how to backflip within 30 minutes. It’s honestly not that difficult. Even when I was weak as piss in my later years I could do them. Muscle memory lol.

I can’t deadlift 500lbs so I’ll start with that haha!


I had a big buddy in university who wanted to learn to do a backflip as a party trick (6’3" 220lbs - played a little football in university) and he did. I saw how easy he made it look and I gave it a try (although the variation where you run up a wall/tree and kick off into a backflip) and landed flat on my face…haven’t tried since. Although every time I watch a Jujimufu video I start wanting to learn to flip/trick!


Haha yeah man my friend is 280 (plays D1 american football) and can back flip. But for flips theres 2 tricks either you can jump high and tuck or you have you rotate quick enough. Plus it’s sort of like a big snatch or clean, you gotta just do it and not hesitate.

Funny story, a few months ago I was out with all the guys and my friend was like “Yo man, you should go talk to that group of girls, lets see if you still got it.” So at the bar I walked over and flipped off the wall, landed, and jumped right into a front flip and was like “So how you ladies doing?” HAHAHA! It was so casual the whole group of ladies started laughing and it was the best ice breaker lol.

If I told my friends what I was going to do no doubt it would of gone viral. I’m married so my group just talked to them and a few of my friends got their numbers for them. It was awesome haha. Reminds me of this video a bit:


I can’t tell you how much I respect you for this. I left a large graphics corporation to work for a private company recently. Never saw the CEO or even anybody 3 levels below him at the corporation, and the owner/CEO of the private company I work for now is outside every day in the 95 degree Virginia summer driving forklifts, banging 2x4s together and welding steel plates. We get bonuses, good hours and good pay, and we all work harder for it. When I was supervisor at my last company I took every opportunity to give my employees a break, send them home early, or accommodate their time off requests, and when I needed them for overtime, even the grumpiest ones did it for me. This is how businesses are supposed to work, and anybody that takes pride in working people to death is just a shitty person.


Thanks man! I think employees are people. I don’t view them as employees. Each one of them impacts my business so it would be stupid of me to treat them as a machine.

I know as the CEO/Owner of the company I have to delegate duties, but I do love getting my hands dirty. It keeps me grounded and I do love the grunt work. I become a business owner because I didn’t want anyone to boss me around lol. But I treat my employees just as if they are me. In IT I truly did start at the bottom. I started as an intern in the helpdesk side of things. So I never forget my roots.

I’m strange for a business owner. I show up to professional meetings in Nike Shorts and a T-Shirt and flip flops and sometimes braids in my hair while everyone is in suits. But I know my shit, so I tell people take me as is or I can’t do business with you. During meetings I don’t use big words and I’m really good at getting straight to the point. I don’t like to waste time. But my peers respect my business acumen and my unorthodox ideas so it’s worked well. I’m good at finding solutions to problems and helping the IT side of a business be a shit ton more efficient.

I treat everyone the same. This ranges from the janitor to my director of operations. I don’t care what your role is as long as you respect your peers and do your job. I am genuinely a really nice guy (maybe too nice at times), but I want to run a business being kind. I don’t believe I have to be an asshole to get results. People work hard when they are motivated and are happy at their place of employment. Granted I can’t make everyone happy, but if I can make 95% of my employees say “I love working for you” then I did my part.

I want my employees to grow and leave me lol. If I am able to help them grow in their own lives and careers and I impacted them that means more to me than just making lots of money. I can always make money, but making a difference in someones life has a really nice feel to it.

Plus even as an owner, we don’t work just to work. We all are going to die one day. We work to support the lives we want to live outside of the business. So I support ALL my employees in that realm. Still to this day I NEVER deny anyone their PTO and I NEVER call anyone when they are on PTO. I tell them to turn off their email during that time. Like I said my speciality is optimizing and making processes run efficiently as possible, so if anyone on my team is gone, it’s next man up and it runs seamlessly.

Employee moral is at the TOP of my priority list as a business owner. Without my employees my business wouldn’t be running as smoothly as it is now.

Damn went on a little rant there, but felt good to say it haha!


When I had my business I ran it the same way. I had incredible, productive, employees. We crushed jobs. Got jobs done when time schedules were cut etc. I paid for med expenses, I bought the best med coverage so they went to the doctor it cost them $25 out of pocket. Then Obama hit and I went from 20 employees and profitable to deciding it wasn’t worth it to work that hard to break even and then have medical expenses increase the next year. We sold the business. But I misss providing a quality workplace for people that work hard!



POWER CLEAN (ss: Ab Wheel - 5x15)

BACK SQUAT (ss: Hanging Leg Raises - 5x15)

A1. RDL - 275 @ 5x10
A2. DB Lunges - 50lb @ 5x10
B1. Cable Row - 185 @ 4x12
B2. Back Ext - 5x15 @ BW

10 Min AMRAP
5 Burpees
5 Kip-Ups
20 feet Walking Handstand

I was breathing SO HARD at the end. I pushed the pace like I never have. All rest times were 30-60 seconds. My conditioning is LIGHT YEARS ahead of what it was earlier this year. I’m going to create my own program and sell it. It’s gonna be called “The Chip Kelly” lmfao. I love these 10 min AMRAP type conditioning WODs or circuits at the end of my workout. I’m suprised of how good of a conditioning session you can get in with only even 10 minutes if you know what to do.


Am considering unfollowing your log as it hurts my sensitive weightlifter feelings.

Edit: Forgot to add the #steroids cuz you’re stronger than me and stuff


Lmfao! Don’t worry man, we all gonna make it and make gains!

EDIT: On a side note, I still have yet to be asked if I take steroids. I’m sure if I bulked up to 200lbs I would get those questions lol.


Just found this log. Definitely in to follow. You’ve made huge progress in the last year!

Just wrapped a 3 year CEO gig myself and definitely share your sentiment on focusing on morale. I actually made an unlimited PTO policy (use what you want/need) - but probably the biggest engagement booster I’ve seen is just really clear expectations and allowing everyone a chance to do something they are great at every day.


Thanks man! Just staying consistent and listening to my body!

Nice man! How many employees did you have at your company?

I believe that 100%. I always set clear expectations and what the job entitles. I’ve never been a big believer in being a “well rounded individual” in the business world. I believe in pushing people towards their strengths because that’s where they will most likely succeed and stay excited and motivated. I hire people to be really fucking good at 1-3 things vs being average at everything. Specificity is king. Guess not too much is different from the iron game and the business game!


We were about 250 people in 20 offices around the world. Doing leadership consulting. What about you?


Man in a few years you’ll be repping 500lbs. You’re one strong dude


Damn that’s dealing with way more logistics than me!

I’m dealing with 43 employees in one office with 224 clients that we manage in spread across CO, WA, CA, FL, and NY.

What are some skills would you say are crucial to being a great CEO? I’m always looking to add to my toolbox.


We’ll see man. If I could stay close to the same weight and squat 500 that would be awesome. I don’t know if I have the will/want to or the drive to eat to get to 500 lol. 405 was always my goal, so I wouldn’t mind staying around here. I would love to get to 405x20 without ever using more weight than 405 lol.


That sounds like hell


43 is a lot of moving parts as well. Regarding skills - I think more in terms of promises that a leader needs to make and keep - and practices that need to be worked on a daily basis. The promises I think are most important are the promises to involve your team in something important that they get excited about - and the promise as a leader to be intentional. To not let a lot happen accidentally.

When mistakes happen - I always tell people to focus on doing the next right thing. As leaders, we are bound to mess up from time to time - but what we can control is doing the “next right thing” the next opportunity we have. In this vein - I also believe as leaders, it is important to be right. Not right as in winning every argument, but right as in doing the right things for the right reasons.


WEEK 2 - Upper Day 1

45 minutes
Lots of rope grabs and jumping from one ledge to another.

OH Press (ss: Pendlay Row - 6x8)

Incline Bench Press (ss: Chin-Ups - 3x15)
*Moving up to 205 next week.

Dips, Curls, Band Pull Aparts