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Mr. Program Hopper


WEEK 1 - Lower Day 2

FRONT SQUAT (ss: Hanging Leg Raises - 5x15)

RDL (ss: Split Squat - 5x12)

BACK SQUAT (ss: Broad Jumps - 15 total)

50 reps

Upper Lower and I already feel great. I think with the weights I’m handling and the frequency I like, this is probably the split I stick to for a quite sometime.

@flipcollar @T3hPwnisher - I figure you guys would be my best bet with this question. So my wife got me a present and got me an XL Rogue Sandbag! Based on the ratings it’s meant for up to 220lbs of weight. She told me she got it for me because she wants me to be able to drag someone out of building in case of a fire lol. Obviously I’ll have to work my up to using the full 220lbs. But any workouts, progressions, etc you recommend for the sandbag? I have 100lbs of sand at my father in laws so I was thinking of starting with that to just get use to using it. Any advice would be appreciated. I figure tomorrow I’d start with front hugs/bear hugs type carries because that’s one thing I’ve never really done.


Never really followed a progression, because once the bag is loaded, it’s pretty much loaded for me. I’m not going back and putting more sand in or taking it out.

You just do different things with lighter bags. If it’s 100lbs, you can most likely clean and press it, which is pretty awful and makes you stupid strong. You can also carry if for stupid long distances, or try to move as fast as you can while carrying it.

The most difficult part about sandbags is the pick, so spend time working on picking it up off the floor. Go at it from different angles. I like using the Tabata interval timing of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off to get in a lot of picks in a short time. It can be brutal with a heavy bag. You could either shoulder it for the full 20 seconds (so pick up, drop, repeat) or pick it up and run until the 20 seconds is up.


Thanks man! So I figure I’d start off with 100 to get use to it and then jump to 200 when the time is right.

When you mean pick intervals you mean within 20 seconds try to pick up and put it down as many times as I can within that 20 seconds?

Since I’m doing a 4 day upper/lower now I was thinking of using the sandbag at the end of my sessions. Would you say carries on lower body days and pick/clean and presses on upper body days is a good way to split it up?


that’s a hell of a jump, lol. I was actually gonna recommend like 150 to start, and then maybe go to 200. 150 should be manageable for you for carries and stuff. If you want more flexibility with it, 100 might make more sense. like if you want to press it.


Like I wrote in the previous post, you could shoulder it for 20 second or pick it up and run. Depends on what you want to train.

No real bad way to split it. Just get it done.


Sounds good man, I’ll try 150 to start with. Luckily sand is cheap as hell.

Sounds good man, I’ll give it a try this weekend for the first time. Hopefully this will help me get brutally strong!


So an interesting thing happened today. I went to a gym with a buddy last minute. It wasn’t any gym, it was Apex in Denver. This is a full on American Ninja Warrior gym.

I had the most fun I’ve had EVER being in a gym. The crazy part is my friend has been training for 8 months and today I completely blew him out of the water on the obstacle course. Strength (grip, back, and core) played a factor, but today was the first time that my natural athleicism was on full display. I know I’m explosive and athletic because I can grab rim and I’m only 5’7. But today was a true eye opener in how athletic I actually am. I honestly think I’m built for a sport like American Ninja Warrior. I was talking to my parents and my mom told me how she was a hurdler in high school and she won a lot of city and regional competitions. My dad boxed as a youngin and won a lot of matches. So now I truly know where my athleticism comes from.

I can’t say I found my calling, but I think I’m going to give this American Ninja Warrior type training a nice little run. I’d be putting my strength and athleticism to use in way that’s much different than any other strength sport or sport in general.





Haha, I was always quick and agile when I was weak, but now that I’m strong (in a sense) it’s taken my athleticism to a different level.

Maybe I should practice trying to dunk until I can and surprise some people haha!



PUSH PRESS (ss: BB Row - 5x10 @ 245)

DB BENCH PRESS (ss: DB Row - 3x20 @ 100)

DIPS (ss: NG Pull-Ups, Curls - 4x12)

Was running short on time today so the assistance was all 3-4 sets instead of my 5 like usual. Haven’t done DB Bench in a loonnngg time! I can definitely do the 100s now but it’s so awkward to get the DBs in place. I’ll move up slowly with these since I’m slowly bringing the DBs back into the picture!

Side note, but this big ass dude at the gym told me my back makes me look like a ninja turtle. He said “I’ve never seen a dude your size with a back that big”. I was like “Genetics bro, just genetics” lol.

@littlesleeper changed my log title one more time for you haha!
@Chris_Colucci - Out of curiosity I MUST have the most log title changes in the history of T-Nation. Just curious if that’s true lol


Haha, love it!

My god you’re strong. On top of that you’re athletic? Damn you…


Trying to get strong like you man! Plus you are more jacked than I am lol. I’m just dense as shit.


I count 33 times in the last 80 weeks, so 2-3 times a week every week since you started it.

You are the Samuel L. Jackson to @Dsmolken’s Bruce Willis (nearly 8 years of slow and steady unedited posts).


I went to a Ninja Warrior gym once here in Dallas, absolutely loved it. My bodyweight made some things pretty difficult, but I could absolutely destroy the salmon ladder. I was very fast on that. I could do 10 steps in 10 seconds after just a few tries. I couldn’t get the hang of the warped wall though, even after someone showed me how to do it. Couldn’t get my steps right.

And everything hurt the next day.

Definitely see the appeal though, if for some reason I get tired of strongman in the next few years, I could see myself dropping about 20 lbs of lower body weight, leaning out even more, and trying my hand at ninja warrior.


Most of the guys that are successful at it are small explosive dudes 5’5”-5’8” and very strong while being lean and lower body weights Rock climbers types


This fits me perfectly. I’m 5’7 and explosive. I did notice today that my forearms and and obliques were sore as shit.

Yeah man it’s super fun. I felt like I was a kid again running through the subway station and jumping off ledges and scaling up walls haha. I feel sore in places that I’ve never really felt sore before. Probably because you are literally using every fiber in your body for some of these obstacles. Luckily for me my legs are not big, just a bit stocky. I think being light (and light on my feet) helped me out yesterday. I wrestled for 2 years in HS so I think that helps in terms of moving my body in weird positions.

The way I was flying through the course yesterday I felt like this guy:


Just be the Ultimate Beastmaster. That show was a good time.


I swear, I do not know a single thing that increases overall athleticism like wrestling. I did it throughout high school, and swear that is the only reason I can still run and jump decently compared to guys 30lbs lighter than myself.


Yeah man wrestling and gymnastics/parkour I feel like give you the best body awareness out of any sport you can do (maybe breakdancing as well) because your moving your body through all planes of space. I just remember when doing wrestling my conditioning level was through the roof. Might be time to start running stairs again!



Went back to Apex gym!

Obstacle Course
45 minutes - I am just going through the entire obstacle course and going to try to get faster and faster at it vs just doing specific events. I did a lot of rope swings and landings and also swinging from bar to bar. Felt like a damn monkey!

SANDBAG CIRCUIT (Loaded it to ~150lbs)
Clean x 10
Ground to Shoulder x 10
Front Carry x 50 yards
Push Prowler x 50 yards @ 4-45 plates on it
Sprint x 50 yards
Back Flip x 3
Rest 1 minute and do it again.

Did this for 8 rounds.

Told my employees they can all work from home today and shut it down at 1. Everyone was ecstatic. Love treating my employees well. Makes them work that much harder.