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MR: Prime Time October

I’m going to follow my man Eric and keep all my Prime Time updates in this thread. I’ll be on from 8-10 EST tonight, so feel free to drop any questions here in the meantime!

Stay strong

Mike I’m looking for a book. One that helps in muscle function assessment, basically that helsp you to look for certain things, how to pick up on them then treat. Does any such book exist?

right now it’s taking me a few try’s to see a pelvic tip from side to side and what not

Over the past two months of so I have developed some discomfort in my right shoulder. At first I continued to work out through it, to be honest it didn’t seem to get that much worse really. I believe that dips (in retrospect using poor form too much loading) plus Dumbell presses with the arms at 90 degree angle to body and maxing out the ROM were what brought on the pain. Both shoulder were painful (the left feels fine now) but I do remember a specific incident where I got a sharper pain in my right shoulder during a set of dips that faded fairly quickly but never did go away so to speak.

I realised I had been doing too much pressing as opposed to pulling work and it had screwed up my posture. Over the last 3-4 weeks I have limited my pressing volume (1-2 light sets) (keeping elbows 45-60 degree angle to body) and focusing on tucking shoulders back and down and not hyperextending the joint. The pain was definately better and sometimes not so much pain as a sensation. I don’t get any pain during exercise but at random time I seem to experience discomfort. I’ve managed to improve my upper body posture significantly with stretching/back dominant stuff over the past few weeks along with rotator cuff stuff.

As for the shoulder the discomfort is only very mild at this point. I think i may of strained my tricep/forearm area doing a set of heavy pushdowns whilst resting it. The shoulder pain/ sensation is felt in the front of the shoulder and sometimes near the trap/top of the shoulder. Dr could find no obvious pathology, he said he thought it might be a tendon strain but was not sure. Normal impingement tests all seemed negative. If I had to chose a movement that seemed to aggravate it the most when it first started it might of been cross body adduction with the arm above parrallel (eg across forehead). Deadlifts and lateral raises also seemed to cause discomfort.

If pressing exercises don’t make it hurt any worse and considering the pain is fairly constant but minor at this point am I ok to start pressing at a reasonable volume again or do I need to wait till the pain is gone? I get the feeling that considering it’s been 2-3 months now that it may take quite some time for it to completely go/if ever.