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Mr.Popular: Fill Us In


I've read a lot of posts on this board. Some good. Some great. And some that were just downright retarded.

In most threads, this is how it goes.

1.) Poster asks ridiculous question. about a ridiculous training split. using ridiculous rep ranges. topped off with some super ridiculous exercises to boot i.e. bench press barbell throws, bosu ball squats, etc.

2.) Frequent posters of the site make fun of him. Professor X calls him stupid and tells him to eat a burger. Waylander posts a picture of the 50 pounds of muscle he gained in the past three days. and finally Mr. Popular posts the most logical answer that just brings everything back into perspective. i.e. why bodybuilders should train like bodybuilders. why you need to do curls if you want big biceps. why beginners should stay away from training articles, etc.

Mr. Popular you've contributed much to this forum and I'm sure all the frequent readers of your posts and sticky would appreciate it if you filled us in on your bodybuilding philosophy so so to speak because you truly seem to have it figured out. Ill start with a few.

1.) How should an aspiring newbie bodybuilder train? Split, rep range, exercises, everything.

2.) What should he be reading on the net or should he stay away from the inter-webs all together?

If Mr. Popular is okay with this. I encourage all posters to post some questions you have for Mr. Popular. This thread should be a valuable read for any newbie and a refreshing read for any veteran who is plain fed up of the training fads that have the newbies with some potential confused.


Please read this thread that I started in which Popular contributed a great deal as well.


The title of thread is "The Bodybuiling Bible".

By the way, no bodybuilder - aside from the DC squad - trains differently than what we go over in that thread.


Have you seen Mr Popular's avatar? That's right... it's him.
If you want to look like a chimp, then train and eat like one.

But seriously... Mr Popular (like Bonez) is one of the most "NO BS" dudes around here.


I absolutely agree. And we need more guys like that posting on this forum because its being clogged by these functional, fast twitch fiber, bosu ball momos that have never trained with any one that was bigger or stronger than them.

I'm 185lb currently and train at a "hardcore" gym in NJ (Strong and Shapely). Sometimes the bigger dudes let me work in with them. When they do, I listen and follow everything they say not because they write training articles but because they are big and strong them selves.

I don't mean to shit on the articles on this site but if one was to go through the articles for the past 5 years I bet their would be only a handful of authors out of the hundreds that contribute that had respectable numbers or actually looked like bodybuilders. Why newbies feel the need to listen to these guys is beyond me.

Posts from guys like mr popular need to fill up this site. If we can steer one newbie such as my self away from the training fads, its worth it.


Brick, the bodybuilding bible is a great thread. One of the best on this site.

But the point of this thread is not only training and diet advice.

The point of this thread is for non BS guys like you and mr popular to give reasoning to the shit that bodybuilders do with out the scientific mumbo jumbo but logical fucking reasoning that should have the newbies saying wtf was I thinking.

For example.

Ronnie Coleman does curls because he wants big biceps.

He does heavy barbell rows because he wants a big back.

He doesn't do chin ups because hes 300 pounds.

He doesn't do inverted rows with blast straps because using a barbell allows him to progressively add weight to the bar.

This is extremely basic stuff but you would be surprised at the amount of newbies that aspire to look like bodybuilders that are using non bodybuilding methods because an author said so.

Feel free to ask mr popular any question that would entail a logical answer that would enhance the purpose of this thread.



That was funny, hahaha.


Thanks dude. Amazing progress, btw. I can definitely see you tearing up a few shows in the near future.


Thanks Elite.

I do appreciate non-BS articles of any sort on physical training. I'm more of a "stay in shape" cross training buff now, but any article or conversation - whether it be about running, bodyweight training, or whatever - I choose to read or engage in, respectively, is BS free.

However, I do think there has to be SOME middle ground. Too many people have emailed me on here and personally and on Facebook saying they also were disappointed that they didn't get the results they sought when they simply "ate big" and "lifted big" which is about as complicated advice that Professor X has offered concerning how OTHERS (besides himself) should train. (I'm not saying this in disrespect to X, but that's what I've seen.)

Fact is, MANY newbies don't know what program to train hard with and they don't have to eat so goddamn much to get big. Why does a buck-60 non-athlete who puts in about 5 to 7 hours of activity per week have to eat so much to gain? Some of the food combinations and items recommended for "big eating" contain an added THOUSANDS of calories. Most male newbs will do fine with starting at 3,000 calories and taking it from there.

In addition, too many men - not just in this bodybuilding forum, but on this planet - are waiting for some goddamn TICKET or SECRET or HAND HOLDING that will ensure that they make NO mistakes and that everything will be OK so long as they consult everyone on this board and their mothers about every goddamn move they make in the gym, socially, nutritionally, financially, romantically, and sexually.

Unfortunately life doesn't work that way, and people are now incapable of trying some tested programs for beginners or "cookie cutters" (yeah, they're actually GOOD for newbs - SS, HST, Bill Starr, Chris Aceto's or Lee Haney's or Dorian Yates' or CT's info for newbs in their books and articles), continuing long term learning, and making adjustments for themselves AS THEY GO!

THAT, and using their BRAINS!

I do think newbs should learn "how to work out" on a beginner's cookie cutter program as said above. Dorian Yates' provides great examples in his books about how to go from newb to intermediate to advanced. One does NOT have to follow HIS exact program, but take some lessons from the book on how to monitor one's own progress and make adjustments as time goes on.

Starting Strength and The Strong Shall Survive are NOT bodybuilding programs, but they sure will show someone how to lift weights and I'll be damned if some neeb doesn't make big strength and size gains froms before embarking on an all out hardcore bodybuilding split. (This is probably where X will come in and apply what I say here to HIM and say that's not how he went about things while ignoring the fact that he was/is far more indepenent minded and logical and mature and competent than most newbs considering the information they provide us.)


"This is extremely basic stuff but you would be surprised at the amount of newbies that aspire to look like bodybuilders that are using non bodybuilding methods because an author said so."

The authors who wrote that sort of stuff aren't even on here anymore, didn't compete in bodybuilding, nor do they even LIKE bodybuilding.

Will Brink is an example of a guy who looks "in shape" and has some muscles but loves bodybuilding and has coached bodybulding. I don't think he's ever competed though.



I remember Mr. Popular's first few posts. He came across as a newbie to BB, he also came across as a new user name for Goheavyfool. I've since decided they are probably not the same person since I don't think the Goheavyfool could have contained himself for this long. It is still always at the back of my mind when I read his posts, though. Any thoughts on this?

Btw, I do agree he makes good and sensible posts. I'm not trying to divert the direction of the thread, just wondering if others have thought the same.


I liked his posts from day one.


Where did I say one remains with 3,000 calories forever? I used it as a starting point for most men?


My mistake. I realize you are a registered dietitian and an accomplished bodybuilder, so you obviously do know what your talking about. I don't want to argue semantics over the internet.

My point was that Professor X has stated he ate 5000 calories as a 300 pound guy. When he says "Eat big" its relative. Like eat enough to make progress. Never have I seen him suggest to someone to just eat 10000 calories a day for the sake of eating big. Back to thread topic.


No problem.

RD? Yes. Accomplished bodybuilder? No. Just a former hobbyist.

I don't want to argue either.

Back to thread.


is there a link to the physique of Mr Popular? Never seen pics of him.


^^There was a picture of his leg in some thread a while back.. there was some mention of his underwear if I recall lol.

I think bonez also deserves one of these threads. He gives solid advice. He is also very funny but you don't notice it because he never says lol.


As much as I think bonez is a general tool, he gives solid, no-BS advice. Reading through some of the stuff on the beginner forum it's impressive how calmly he answers the same questions over and over in a helpful way.


probably because he was a newbie? he joined this site like...four or five years ago when he first started training, and he read and continues to read everything on this site, along with many other bodybuilding sites. As for him being some other person, he's not. Idk who that is or what you think the connection is, but you're clearly putting waaaaay too much thought in to the whole thing.