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Mr. Olympia

Well, I wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in the Building a Better Body forum, but given the disdain that competitive bodybuilding is held in on this site, I figured that qualified it as “off-topic!”

But come on, seriously, is anyone else excited for the Mr. O? Or am I the one and only? I’m not a competitive bodybuilder, hell, I follow westside principles, so I dont even really workout like a bodybuilder. But I AM excited for the Mr. O for a couple of reasons:

  1. I want to see just how big and freaky ronnie can get (supposedly he’s even bigger.) it seems that he’s just said “screw it” to anything but size, honestly, I think that’s kinda cool. It’s compelling, like a car wreck - and I mean that in a completely positive way.

  2. Victor Martinez is the best up and comer. i’m curious to see where he will place against the old guard if he comes in in top condition

  3. There are rumors that they’re going to fix this years competition in Jay Cutler’s favor to have a more marketable champion. Ronnie has expressed anger over this and has vowed to come in in such dominating formt hat there is simply no question who Mr. O is. Even if none of this is true I’ll be interested to see who moves up (Dexter last year, Johnny O this year?) and who moves down (Levrone, Nasser if he even competes)

I dont follow the IFBB for aboutl 11 months of the year, and I won’t be getting the PPV. The one BB show my friend ever dragged em to was borign as hell (alhtough it WAS an amateur show, so there really weren’t any freaks)Really the only thing I’ll do is log onto flexonline to find out who wins, and then make my once a year purchase fo flex and md. Is it silly? Yeah. Homoerotic? Err … regrettably so, I’ll just have to do my best to ignore that. Subjective? Absolutely. … BUT HOLY COW RONNIE IS FRICKIN’ HUGE!!!

I’m just as excited. I don’t think anyone who seriously lifts weights doesn’t have at least a passive interest in the O.

well, its official, ronnie obliterates.

  1. Ronnie Coleman- unstoppable. even his gut shrunk.
  2. Jay Cutler- a gift. came in bigger, but was watery.
  3. Gustavo Badell- unbelievable. no one would argue if he came 2nd.
  4. Dexter Jackson- came in sharp. but lack of extra size stopped him.
  5. Markus Ruhl- i disagree. a gift
  6. Gunter Schlierkamp- SUPER GIFT.
  7. Chris Cormier- upper body was huge. missed peak, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS LEGS?
  8. Dennis James- big but flat.
  9. Victor Martinez- missed peak. still a force to be reackoned with.
  10. Darrem Charles- most ripped, lacking size
  11. Pavol Jablonicky- can’t pose for shit
  12. Kris Dim- looked good, but small
  13. Ahmad Haidar
  14. Johnnie Jackson- he’s getting confused. people tell to loose the size, and when he does people tell him to get bigger.
  15. Troy Alves- off
  16. Craig Richardson
  17. Mustafa Mohammed
  18. Richard Jones
  19. Claude Groulx

I was suprised on how dry Ronnie looked. I thought that this was the year, with the scoring changes, that Jay would give him a run for his money.

Kris Dim is a local boy here in Sacramento, plus a nice guy to boot, so it is good to see him place okay in his first Mr O. He is too small though.